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Vietnam Wins 10 Gold Medals in the Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships

During three days of enthusiastic competition (from December 11-13, 2015), the 5th Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships 2015 held at Nguyen Du indoor stadium (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) provided audiences with beautiful and impressive aerobics performances. The Vietnamese team surprisingly received the first rank with 10 gold medals, surpassing many fierce rivals.
The 5th Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships 2015 took place with the participation of 242 athletes from 10 countries and territories including RoK, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the host Vietnam.

Athletes were divided into three age groups: group 1 (12-14 year-olds), group 2 (15-17 year-olds) and group 3 (over 18 year olds). The teams competed in 5 events: men’s individual, women’s individual, mixed pair, trio, and groups of five. Contestants in group 3 competed in two more events: aerobic dance and step aerobics.

Contestants gave exciting performances with eye-catching moves with jubilant background music. Teams from different countries prepared specific performances to take advantage of their strengths, thus promoting the diversity of the competition.

The competition for groups of over 18 year olds was among mighty countries like RoK, China, Mongolia, and Japan while the competition for under 18s was the main stage for Vietnam’s delegation. On the first day, Vietnamese athletes asserted their dominance when entering the final round of all events held for groups 1 and 2.

The Opening Ceremony of the 5th Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships.

The competition attracts 242 athletes from 10 Asian countries and territories.

The performance in the Step Aerobics event of Mongolian athletes. 

Jang Hye Bin and Kwon Tae Youn from RoK perform in the mixed pair event. 

Contestants demonstrate beautiful, dynamic and impressive performances.

Vietnamese athletes perform in a mixed pair event.

Beautiful moves performed to exciting music.

An interesting performance of five Vietnamese athletes.

Australian athletes perform in a trio event.

An athlete performs a technically difficult move.

Foreigners attend to support teams.

Vietnam team won 10 gold medals in the competion.

During the final round, athletes of the host country surprised everyone when they won all 5 gold medals and 5 silver medals of 5 events for group 1. Outstanding athletes are Phan The Gia Hien (gold medal in the men’s individual event), Dao Ngoc Huy (two gold medals in the mixed pair and trio events and a silver medal in the men’s individual event), Vu Ngoc Anh (two gold medals in the mixed pair and trio events and a silver medal in the women’s individual), Tran Ha Vi (two gold medals in the women’s individual and trio events), Le Hoang Phong and Tran Ngoc Thuy Vi (both  won 3 gold medals in the mixed pair, trio and group of five events) and Ton Nu Thanh Thanh (2 gold medals in the women’s individual and group of five events and a silver medal in the trio event)

Though only winning two bronze medals in the Aerobic Dance and Step Aerobics events, athlete Do Thi Ngan Thuong was happy as her aim at this competition is to gain the experience of competing with athletes at international levels and standards.

With positive results, it can be clearly seen that aerobics is receiving adequate investment and attention in Vietnam, especially in training young athletes to facilitate long-term development.

Aerobics originated in the US and was introduced in Ho Chi Minh City in the early 1980s. It has strongly developed so far.
The Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships is a competition held by the Asian Gymnastics Union and among major sport events in the region as well as in the world. The 2015 Championships is the fifth event of this kind and the second occasion that Vietnam hosted the championship.
Story: Son Nghia – Photos: Thong Hai