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Viet Tu’s Fame on Vietnam’s Stage

Viet Tu is known as a talented young director in the stage director circle in Vietnam. The director of many new ideas has given viewers interesting experiences through cultural, art and sports programmes which are staged by him.
Graduating from the major of Movie-TV Director at the Hanoi Stage and Cinema University, Viet Tu learned from foreign videos and studied different art genres, such as painting, performing and dancing to support his work.

Viet Tu became famous when he worked as a vision director for the “Nhat Thuc” (Solar Eclipse) live show of singer Tran Thu Ha.  “Nhat thuc” shocked the audience with its strange new trend, including lyrics, melody, performance art and arrangement. This show became a special musical event, a cultural phenomenon of 2002, a great landmark of innovation in music’s original style and performance in Vietnam.  “I think that the music of Tran Thu Ha differentiates others so it must be a programme showing her unique idiosyncrasy,” said Viet Tu.

After “Nhat Thuc”, Viet Tu reaffirmed his talent and creativeness by staging the New Year's Eve Gala of 2002-2003 on the top of the Melia Hotel with the performance of an orchestra of 150 musicians. The programme was a visual banquet with the background of the colourful sky of fireworks

Viet Tu is a famous young director in Vietnam.

Viet Tu
 is well-known for directing many large entertainment events, such as “Sao Mai-Diem Hen”
(Morning Star – Rendezvous), “VTV – Bai Hat Toi Yeu” (VTV Songs I Love), “Con Duong Am Nhac” (Vietnamese Music Road)
and “Bai Hat Yeu Thich” (Favourite Songs).

Director Viet Tu and artists attend a dress rehearsal of a large musical programme.

Viet Tu requires carefulness and meticulousness in every detail while directing a programme.

The programmes staged by him show the artists’ idiosyncrasy.

Viet Tu is known as a director of strong characters and creativeness.

He is keen on experiencing new ideas to bring success to his staged programmes.

Many programmes  staged by Viet Tu won high praise from artist circles.   

However, it wasn’t until the opening ceremony of SEA Games which he staged, that he showed the prominent development in his career.

Recalling the event, Viet Tu said: “General Director Lai Van Sam told me that the opening ceremony of Sea Games 22 would account for 70% of the success of the live show which put much pressure on me. However, I thought it would give me an opportunity to affirm my ability and position so I tried my best to fulfill my task”.
He added that a vision director must be a person with an endless source of initiative and creativity and he must carefully study music to have vision thoughts. Besides his skills, he must dare to experiment with new ideas to bring a fresh air to any programme”.

It is his audacity that has helped him successfully stage many popular programmes, such as “Sao Mai-Diem Hen” (Morning Star – Rendezvous), “VTV – Bai Hat Toi Yeu” (VTV Songs I Love), “Con Duong Am Nhac” (Vietnamese Music Road), “Bai Hat Yeu Thich” (Favourite Songs) that have made his reputation.

Strong characters create idiosyncrasy for Viet Tu who conquered most of the peaks in his career with four prizes for music by the Sports and Culture Newspaper.  The programme, ““Bai Hat Yeu Thich” (Favourite Songs),  directed by Viet Tu for 3 years won praise from the public.

In recent years, he has staged many live shows for famous singers, such as Hong Nhung, Dam Vinh Hung, Ho Ngoc Ha, Tung Duong, Pham Anh Khoa, Vu Cat Tuong, SonTung M-TP, Truc Nhan and Phuong My Chi which left special imprints on audiences. Among them, Ho Ngoc Ha’s live concert directed by Viet Tu resounded the music market because of the magnificent, modern one, opening up the prospect for the entertainment sector.

Besides staging music programmes, Viet Tu has participated in many entertainment programmes of Vietnam, such as Dep Fashion Shows, hair shows and game shows.  For him, to have more creative ideas, it is necessary to travel a lot and work with different teams to learn technology, draw experience and inspire passion for the work.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son