Young entrepreneur inspires a love of reading in youth

As the co-founder and president of the project “Book and Action”, Nguyen Van An has a desire to take the knowledge from books and turn it into practical actions in life. This creates confidence for the active young generation to build a better society. With the message "Action, Discipline and Don’t give up,"Nguyen Van An is the driver of a “book-train”, which carries knowledge to people at each destination.
According to An, the project “Book and Action” aims to establish 1,000 book clubs in Vietnam and expand to other developing countries.

Nguyen Van An is the Vice President of the World Federation of Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs in Vietnam (JCI Hanoi).
Born in 1992, Nguyen Van An is an graduate of the Electronics and Telecommunications Falculty at Hanoi University of Technology. In his third year, An wanted to do something special. With four friends, An formed the project “Book and Action” to promote reading movement. The first book club at the Academy of Finance in Hanoi created new reading habits and a spirit of action for the students. The movement was then expanded to major cities in Vietnam, namely Thai Nguyen, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City.

An’s project is special because it is building free book libraries for young people instead of offering free books. Currently, the project has set up 147 clubs in 26 provinces and cities nationwide.

Nguyen Van An has also trained a number of leaders for the book clubs, establishing key groups where children can spread their love of reading to their local areas.

Nguyen Van An has been named in Forbes Vietnam’s 30 under 30 list in 2020.

Nguyen Van An, the leader of “Book and Action”, has created new reading habits. 

Nguyen Van An and young people join the program “Running for reading”.

Nguyen Van An talks with students participating in the project “Book and Action” in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Nguyen Van An and teachers at a "Book and Action" gala. 

Nguyen Van An has been encouraged by popular speakers who have accompanied him in the project, including Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung.

Nguyen Van An’s project has inspired a love of reading in young people. 

Nguyen Van An and members of "Book and Action" in Hai Phong.

The project "Book and Action" is inspiring the younger generation to read more.

When Bhutan's Youth Union came to Hanoi to attend the Conference of the World Youth Leadership Federation in 2018, Nguyen Van An introduced this model to international friends. In response, Bhutan’s young people promised to introduce this project in their country.

The project “Book and Action” has had many contests for the community such as Action for Water, Run to Connect, Running for the Culture of Reading, Giving Books for Love, One-Million-Book Journey.

The Project “Book and Action” currently has 5,000 members operating across the country, donating nearly 87,000 books to more than 300,000 students for free reading.
As a leader and a strategist, Nguyen Van An is inspiring the younger generation to study more and to build a better society.

With the enthusiasm of bringing books to the community, Nguyen Van An has been encouraged by popular speakers who have accompanied him in the project. They include Prof. Phan Van Truong - former advisor to the French Government, Prof. Nguyen Lan Dung - member of the National Assembly, Nguyen Manh Hung - CEO of Thai Ha Book Company, Tran Bang Viet - General Director of Dong A Solutions, and Ngo Minh Tuan - Chairman of Vietnam CEO Academy.

Story: Tran Van - Photos: Viet Cuong & Files

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