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Vinh Anh Food – Success comes from being ahead of the curve

After many years, Vinh Anh Food Joint Stock Company (Vinh Anh Food) has affirmed its position and stature,  becoming a leading enterprise in the field of food processing in the north of Vietnam. Vinh Anh Food has built a clean and fresh meat processing factory on an industrial scale in the context of small-scale slaughtering and crafting still popular in Hanoi.


According to Dao Quang Vinh, the founder of Vinh Anh Food, when he first returned from the army, Vinh began work at the slaughterhouse of the Hanoi Food Company. In his mind, the images of modern cattle-slaughter technology that he saw through movies kept appearing in his dreams. Vinh was impressed by the Western way of making pigs die before being slaughtered. “They use electricity to make pigs unconscious before slaughtering, so the animals die peacefully, not knowing or struggling through the pain. They respect animal rights. The procedures like removing pig hair and cutting meat are done by machine. Nothing is on the ground, which is very clean”, Vinh said.

The sound of pigs squealing before death at the slaughterhouse urged him to bring modern slaughtering and processing lines meeting food safety and hygiene standards for the production of clean meat into the Vietnamese market.

In 2012, after establishing Vinh Anh Food Joint Stock Company, a clean fresh meat processing factory was launched in the north.  Vinh invested more than 80 billion VND in a new production line. All of the equipment and machines are imported and the technology from France and China has a capacity of 600 - 1,000 pigs/shift.


An advanced processing line at Vinh Anh Food. Photo: Vinh Anh Food’s Files
The automatic processing line helps keep the best quality of the pork. Photo: Vinh Danh Food’s Files
The Vinh Anh's Food processing line meets the food safty standards. Photo: Vinh Anh Food's Files
A line of pork products made by Vinh Anh Food. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP
Vinh Anh Food is proud to be the leader in building a chain of safe, clean pork production, serving domestic consumers, and enhancing the value of Vietnamese pork in the international market. Photo: Vinh Anh Food's Files


Nowadays, Vinh Anh Food's slaughterhouse is one of the most modern and synchronous technology factories in the north. Vinh Anh Food is the only factory that synchronizes the stages in the processing line from anesthesia before slaughter to cooling the meat. Unlike manual slaughterhouses, the Vinh Anh food process is carried out in a scientific and methodical way, ensuring food safety and animal rights.

The founder said that Vinh Anh Food made its name thanks to a whole series of standard processes. The highlight of the brand is the breeding stage. To make a good product, breeders must be guaranteed or purchased from reputable companies. During breeding, the company complies with strict regulations regarding using vaccines, antibiotics, and veterinary drugs. Vinh Anh Food rented pig farms to supply a reliable breed source for the factory. Vinh Anh Food has cooperated with De Heus Feed Group of the Netherlands and large-scale pig farms in the north.

Vinh Anh Food is proud to be the leader in building a chain of safe, clean pork production, serving domestic consumers, and enhancing the value of Vietnamese pork in the international market.


Major products of Vinh Anh Food. Photo: Vinh Anh Food’s Files


Vinh Anh Food always tries to contribute to consumer price stabilization programs for Hanoi and other provinces; to connect livestock households across the country, ensuring a stable output source for livestock farmers.

With continuous contributions to the food processing and breeding sector, Vinh Anh Food is a role model for many partners who share the same orientation of developing clean and safe food.

Story: Thao Vy - Photos: Cong Dat & Vinh Anh Food – Translated by Hong Hanh

Beekeeping for exporting honey

Beekeeping for exporting honey

Vietnam recently has become the sixth honey  exporter in the world and it ranks first in terms of output among honey exporting countries to the United states. The potential of beekeeping for honey in  Vietnam still has a lot of opportunities for development and expansion.