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Vinfast - a leading Vietnamese auto brand

European technology, Italian design, made in Vietnam - the name Vinfast has been associated with world records while pioneering the fledgling automobile industry of Vietnam. The “Made in Vietnam” cars were seen driving on the streets only 21 months after “birth”, setting a world record for the time of commercial vehicles made available.
Four years ago, on Vietnam’s Independence Day, the Vinfast factory started construction, the first step for the VinGroup to enter the auto industry. The ambition was to become the no. 1 car manufacturer in Southeast Asia with an annual capacity of up to 500,000 cars by 2025. Vinfast will provide internal combustion engine cars, environmentally friendly electric cars and motorbikes in Vietnam.

This goal of Vinfast didn’t exactly gain confidence from the market at first, which was understandable because a “Made in Vietnam” car had long been an unfulfilled dream. However, this time the dream was started by VinFast, a member of Vietnam's largest private enterprise, Vingroup, the corporation that has been setting records in the field of investment. Therefore, it came with a new hope. Carrying such expectations, after just over one month, Vinfast announced 2 models selected out of a total of 20 designed by 4 renowned Italian designers, Pininfarina, Torino, Zagato and Ital Design. These are all companies associated with luxury cars such as Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Checking at the assembly workshop. 

A Vinfast car in painting process. 

Robots at the engine workshop. 

The car painting process is done automatically by robots. 

Vinfast's engine workshop. 

Testing car paint. 

Overview of the engine workshop at Vinfast factory.

The end of line system at VinFast automobile and motorcycle factory complex in Hai Phong's Dinh Vu Industrial Park. 

Exactly one year later, in October 2018, two Vinfast models were launched at the 2018 Paris Motorshow. They were designed by Pininfarina and got the most votes by consumers.

Nearly 2 years after the commencement of the production complex and more than 1 year since the launch at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, Vinfast Auto Factory officially went into operation in June 2019.

VinFast started selling the first batch of cars to customers at the end of July 2019. Vietnamese-branded cars officially rolled out after only 21 months, which was a world record. This marked the first Vietnamese commercial car brand, putting the name of Vietnam on the map in the world automobile manufacturing industry and moving the country from outsourcing to autonomous production.

VinFast President, a limited edition SUV

The car is designed by Pininfarina.

By the end of 2019, Vinfast had received over 17,000 orders. By July 2020, the company had sold 11,000 cars. 

David Beckham poses for a picture during VinFast launch at the Paris Motor Show.

VinFast was awarded the highest safety certification by the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) for both the VinFast Lux SA2.0 and Lux A2.0 lines

The “Made in Vietnam” cars were seen driving on the streets only 21 months after “birth”

VinFast launch at the Paris Motor Show.

At the end of October 2019, in Melaka (Malaysia), VinFast was awarded the highest safety certification by the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) for both the VinFast Lux SA2.0 and Lux A2.0 lines. The Fadil hatchback was given a rating of 4 stars, a high level for that segment.

It is expected that in 2021 Vinfast will sell the first electric cars in the US market.
According to auto expert Nguyen Thanh Hai, who led the marketing campaign for luxury cars Bentley and Lamborghini in Vietnam, VinFast was “changing the game”. The ASEAN NCAP certification was giving Vinfast a momentum to change the perception and priority of Vietnamese people when choosing cars, focusing more on safety.

There are perceptions that Vietnamese are not fit for work in heavy industries, especially those that require creativity and brainpower like the automobile industry. But the initial results of Vinfast are proving the opposite. The achievements and records that the Vietnamese automaker achieved has strongly affirmed the Vietnamese spirit. What the world can do, Vietnamese people can do, and with effort, even better

Story: Thao Vy -  Photos: Cong Dat & Vinfast

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