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Vietnamese fans create cultural wind

With original designs featuring Vietnamese culture, Royal Home is a popular brand in the luxury fan market.
Royal Home general director Le Lan Huong said she had the idea of making luxury ceiling fans after returning from an overseas trip. The hotel at which Huong stayed during the trip was decorated with sophisticatedly designed ceiling fans, creating a unique look for the hotel.

“I wanted to encourage consumers’ use of ceiling fans by introducing cultural values into them,” Huong said.

Le Lan Huong's designs show Vietnamese culture. Photo: Thong Hai

A fan design created on the computer. Photo: Thong Hai. 

Checking a fan's motor. Photo: Thong Hai

Patterns on a fan show Vietnamese culture. Photo: Files.

Flower-shaped patterns on a Royal Home fan. Photo: Thong Hai 

Royal Home is a popular brand in the luxury fan market. Photo: Thong Hai.

Royal Home fans designed by Le Lan Huong. Photo: Thong Hai & Files

Targeting the luxury market, Royal Home’s first product was Lotus, a ceiling fan with a classic design. The fan has five blades made from natural wood with beautiful grain. The handles of the blades have lotus-shaped patterns in brass. The fan is designed with the pattern of a lotus, regarded as Vietnam’s national flower, reflecting Huong’s desire to promote Vietnamese culture.

Royal Home annually markets one or two new designs showing Vietnamese cultural beauty. Its products are made from high grade materials and are designed to match specific space and use purposes. The fans are sophisticated because attention is paid to every single detail.

Royal Home has showrooms which are truly a cultural and art space rather than a place for just displaying products.

The company has set a firm foothold in the domestic luxury market, and is next going to target the Southeast Asian market.

Royal Home fans are beautiful decorative items. Photo: Files

“A lot of foreign customers have bought Royal Home products thanks to their designs showcasing beautiful Vietnamese culture. This presents potential for Royal Home’s expansion in overseas markets,” Huong said. 
Story: Thong Hai - Photos: Thong Hai & Files  

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