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Trumpeter Yuki Urushihara

Born and raised in Japan, trumpeter Yuki Urushihara studied in Germany and chose Vietnam as his destination to shine and create. Yuki Urushihara has contributed to spreading the love of trumpet music in the Vietnamese community.
Yuki Urushihara came from an artistic family. His parents are  well-known cellists and violinists in Japan. Yuki started playing the trumpet at the age of 7 and with constant practice, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the Rostock University of Music and Theater (HMT) in Germany.

Yuki moved to live and work in Hanoi in 2018. He wants to create a community of trumpet players to spread this type of music to the public in big cities.

Yuki is a teacher for those who are passionate about playing trumpet. He joined and became the associate principal trumpet of the Sun Symphony Orchestra, a lecturer at Inspirito Music Training and Development Center (Hanoi) and a member of Hanoi Brass Community (A community for all brass players in Hanoi which is open for Vietnamese and foreigners).

Trumpeter Yuki Urushihara.

Trumpeter Yuki Urushihara and his colleagues in a practice session.

The brass band members and Yuki have a discussion before the performance. 

Hanoi Brass Week, a group organized by the brass community and the Goethe-Institute, and Yuki organized free Master’s classes for Vietnamese and foreigners living and working in Vietnam. This is a place to inspire learning about trumpet playing techniques.

The lecturers of each class are well known artists and members of Berlin State Opera, the Deutsche Opera Berlin and North German Philharmonie Rostocky. Every day, there will be random short concerts so that learners can experience being real artists on stage.

Yuki performs the song "Vietnam my hometown" by musician Do Nhuan. 

Yuki and the band perform in an open-air show.

Yuki performs a piece of music in the concert series "Music of the
20th century".

Members of the brass band perform a piece of music in the concert series "Music of the
20th century". 

Yuki conducts a brass band to perform the song "Vietnam my homeland" by musician
Do Nhuan in the concert series "Music of the 20th century". 

Yuki chats with audience in a show. 

Recently, the Goethe-Institute invited Yuki to participate in the "Music of the 20th century" concert series. This project has connected Vietnamese and contemporary composers from all over the world with timeless musical works. It has also brought the message of cultural friendship between people around the world, joining hands to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. As a member of the project, Yuki and his colleagues have left a strong impression in the hearts of the audience in Hanoi with meaningful music.

The concert series "Music of the 20th century" in Vietnam gave him a lot of emotions and helped Yuki gain a deeper insight into the various aspects and developments of the chamber music and solo music.

Yuki has been working with many Vietnamese artists to explore and perform traditional Vietnamese love songs with the trumpet.

Story: Bich Van          Photos: Thanh Giang        Translate  by Hong Hanh

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