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The wonder of Hon Chong

Hon Chong promontory (Chong rock) consists of enormous groups of rocks lying in disorder near the sea and is a well-known scenic spot in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

Going to Hon Chong promontory, visitors will not only enjoy the natural scenery but also hear interesting stories about the legend of Hon Chong. 

Hon Chong is located in the northeast of Nha Trang, in Vinh Phuoc ward, about 3km from the city center. Surrounding Hon Chong are other beautiful spots such as Hon Do, Hon Rua and Co Tien mountain.

There are many interesting myths about the nature of Hon Chong, especially the giant hand with five fingers imprinted on the large stone located at the peak of Hon Chong.

Legend has it that when the giant man, who once came to build mountains around Nha Trang Bay, was fishing when a giant fish swallowed the bait and pulled him into the sea. He tried to pull himself back, with his fishing rod in hand, by pressing the other hand against the massive rock leaving the imprints. 

Hon Chong tourist area are large stone blocks with all kinds of shapes. 

 Sunrise at Hon Chong promontory. Photo: Thanh Giang

Hon Chong consists of enormous groups of rocks. Photo: Thanh Giang


According to another legend, once upon a time, a young man was visiting this place. He encountered a group of fairies bathing. Watching them, mesmerized, the young man unexpectedly slipped and fell. He quickly grasped the mountain, causing the flanks to collapse, leaving a hand imprint on the stone. The locals also say that, on Chong rock, there is a stone shaped like a person sitting looking at Co Tien mountain. People believe that this stone is the youngest fairy who did not return to heaven because of the beauty of the scenery.

Another folktale told that, a long time ago, there was a couple’s boat that was washed away by strong winds in a storm. Large waves sank the boat and drowned both of them. While the husband tried his best to hold tight to his wife with one hand, the other hand clung to the cliff and left an imprint. Unfortunately, the couple were not able to survive. The story about the couple’s love and the husband’s handprints keeps them immortal.

Visitors experience cultural and artistic activities in Hon Chong tourist area. Photo: Thanh Giang

Hon Chong welcomed hundreds of tourist arrivals per day before the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Thanh Giang


Large rocks with unique shapes and positions look as if they were arranged by human hands.  

There are many interesting myths about the nature of Hon Chong, especially the giant hand with five fingers imprinted on the large stone located at the peak of Hon Chong. Photo: Thanh Giang


The above legends seem to contribute to the mysterious beauty of Hon Chong. The scenery is charming with the combination of the mountains and sea. Visitors can sit on the rocky outcrop to fish or they can swim in the beautiful sea. 

Standing at Hon Chong promontory, visitors have one of the most beautiful views with the curves of the coast and rows of coconut trees reaching out to welcome the waves of the sea.


By Thanh Giang – Cong Dat/VNP

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