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The essence of Chu Dau pottery

Chu Dau is a brand that has spread far and wide and has connected the quintessence of pottery, bringing traditional Vietnamese ceramic products to Vietnamese and international tourists.
Chu Dau pottery is an ancient Vietnamese pottery craft dating back to the 12th century, flourishing in the 14th and 15th centuries and lost in the 17th century. With nearly 600 years of history, this ceramic brand was rediscovered in the 1980s in the form of a blue ceramic vase on display at the Topaki Saray Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, with the signature of Bui Thi Hy, the creator of Chu Dau pottery.

Recognizing the meaning and value of Chu Dau Pottery, in 2001, Hanoi Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Hapro), a member of BRG Group, established Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company with a mission to revive the lost ancient pottery brand and develop the craft village of Chu Dau in Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province, into a ceramic tourism attraction.

 Inside the factory of Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company. 

Carving on 
Chu Dau pottery product. 

Drawing motifs on Chu Dau pottery product. 

Pottery products are being glazed. 

The company has provided jobs to more than 500 people in Chu Dau craft village.

Patterns and motifs on Chu Dau products are imbued with Vietnamese traditional culture.

Carp images are familiar on Chu Dau pottery products. 

New pottery products before firing process.

Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company has restored thousands of ancient pottery styles with different sizes and designs such as spiritual pottery, vases, decorative ceramics, feng shui pottery, household ceramics, souvenir gifts, and tea pots.

Factory and showroom address: Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province.
Tel: 0220 3541 257.
In May 2003, Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company exported its first shipment to Spain. So far, the company has provided jobs to more than 500 people in Chu Dau craft village with an average income of 8.5 million dong a month. The company’s sales have reached 400 billion dong per year and its products have been exported to 30 countries  including Japan, Germany, Spain, USA, Russia and China.

Today, Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company is like a tourist village with a 1,000m2 house of ceramic products and a tourist campus to explore the pottery village which is 33,250m2. Every year, Chu Dau welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign visitors visiting and shopping. Chu Dau was chosen by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as a place to celebrate world tourism day.

The Chu Dau Pottery Showroom with a variety of pottery products on display.

In September 2019, Chu Dau Ceramics Joint Stock Company was honored to be awarded the Guinness world record for its ceramic plate featuring a 1,000-word “Long” (dragon) in calligraphy - a masterpiece of Vietnamese handicrafts. The plate not only honors the talent of Chu Dau Ceramic artisans, but also glorifies the Vietnamese ceramic industry, which was worthy of the 10 golden words that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc bestowed on the company - “Chu Dau Ceramic - Vietnamese national character, shining over five continents”. 

Story: Bich Van - Photos: Trinh Van Bo & Files

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