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Nong Lam lingzhi mushrooms in the home market

Doctor Nguyen Van Hieu and his associates have developed the brand, Nong Lam lingzhi mushrooms. They have been on the market for five years and Nong Lam lingzhi products are now popular in most provinces and cities nationwide.
Nguyen Van Hieu has long desired to make Vietnamese lingzhi mushroom products to compete with foreign ones. The reason is the climate and soil conditions in many parts of the country are quite suitable for growing this mushroom.

Hieu and his associates have studied and grown lingzhi mushroom with microorganism technology at the Technology Enterprise Incubation Center at Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry.

The crossbreeding, transplanting and growing of the mushrooms were conducted by skilled technicians based on the growth properties of each type of mushroom to ensure their best quality.

Putting sawdust into plastic bags at Nong Lam lingzhi mushroom farm in Binh Phuoc province. Photo: Kim Phuong

Sterilized rubber plant sawdust creates the best growing environment for lingzhi mushroom. Photo: Kim Phuong

Sawdust must be sterilized before growing lingzhi mushroom. Photo: Kim Phuong

Dr. Hieu checks sawdust bags before they are sterilized. Photo: Kim Phuong

Nong Lam lingzhi products are qualified for VietGap standards and quality standards CCI 2015 assessed and certified by the Economic Research Institute, Vietnam Consumer Research Center and Global Trade Alliance (Global GTA).
Nong Lam lingzhi mushrooms are diverse in form, including whole ear, fiber, powder, tea, coffee, and liquor, and are preserved naturally without chemicals.

Nong Lam is also one of the first local brands of cordyceps, which are cultured in an artificial environment but are similar to natural ones.

Nong Lam lingzhi products are now sold nationwide through its direct dealer networks. The products are expected to be exported to Asia and Europe in the near future.

Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu is the founder of Nong Lam lingzhi mushroom brand. Photo: File

Red lingzhi mushrooms of the Nong Lam brand are big. Photo: Kim Phuong

Premium quality Nong Lam lingzhi mushrooms. Photo: Kim Phuong

Nong Lam lingzhi mushroom products are popular in the domestic market. Photo: Kim Phuong

Nguyen Van Hieu offers customers Nong Lam lingzhi tea, a product of the Nong Lam brand. Photo: Kim Phuong

Black garlic, another Nong Lam brand product. Photo: Kim Phuong

Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Dang Kim Phuong & Files

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