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Mysterious stream of sacred fish

A small stream in Thanh Hoa province is home to thousands of big fish and is well-known for its natural charm and mysterious stories.
Located in Ngoc village, Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy district, the stream of sacred fish attracts numerous visitors every week who are curious to see them.

Legend has it that there was a poor farming couple living in the village. One day, the wife accidentally touched a strange egg. She took the egg home and it hatched a snake. The husband took the strange snake to the stream and released it. But the snake returned to their house that night. The couple eventually decided to care for the snake. After that, the weather became very nice and the crops multiplied. The lives of the villagers became prosperous and happy.

The stream of sacred fish located in Thanh Hoa 
attracts a lot number of curious visitors. Photo: Tat Son

The stream has long been an attractive destination. Photo: Tat Son 

Visitors are surprised at thousands of fish swimming in the stream. Photo: Tat Son

There are various sizes of fishes, the biggest is about 30kg. Photo: Tat Son

The fish swim out of the cave in the stream in the daytime. Photo: Tat Son

Visitors enjoy looking at the fishes in the stream. Photo: Tat Son

 Visitor can touch the fishes. Photo: Tat Son

Children are very curious to see the fish. Photo: Cong Dat

Visitors can see thousands of fish in the stream. Photo: Cong Dat

Although there are thousands of fish in the stream, the water is still clear. Photo: Cong Dat

 The mysterious stream lures thousands of visitors every year. Photo: Cong Dat

After one rainy night with strong winds and thunder, local people discovered the body of the snake at the base of Truong Sinh mountain. They buried the snake there and built a temple on the stream bank to worship it. Thousands of strange fish then appeared in the stream. Local people believe that the fish will bring prosperity to the village, hence the name sacred fish.

The fish swim out of the cave in the stream in the daytime and hide in the cave at night. Surprisingly, the fish swim around in only a 100-meter long section of the stream. During the dry season, the stream bed is about 20-40 cm with crystal water so visitors can touch the fish. Although numerous fish live in a narrow stream, the water in the stream is still clear and not dirty. Scientists have been conducting research for years about this strange phenomenon.

There are different ways to get to the stream. From Thanh Hoa, people can drive on the National Highway to reach Cam Thuy district and then drive on Highway 217 for 12km to Ngoc village, which is home to the sacred fish. For more adventurous travelers, they can catch a boat at the Ham Rong bridge and sail along the Ma river to get to the village.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son & Cong Dat

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