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May Rut island

May Rut island is one of the large islands located south of Phu Quoc island city. It is also one of the most beautiful islands in Phu Quoc and is extremely popular with tourists.
To get to May Rut island, one should travel by road to the port of An Thoi. From there, one can choose to go to May Rut by either boat or canoe.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach May Rut island from An Thoi by canoe. Stepping on the island, visitors get the impression that May Rut is like a “hidden gem” of the Phu Quoc archipelago. This island impresses tourists with its wild scenery, quiet space and beautiful beaches with smooth white sand and jade-blue seawater.

On this island, a clean and beautiful beach is the place you want to be. The sparkling white sand stretching for miles in the south or the cliffs in the north are all ideal places to spend some time. Here, a leisurely swim in the clear blue water will help dispel the fatigue as well as the heat of summer days. Visitors can also swing gently on hammocks hung under the green canopy of trees and listen to the lovely symphony of the leaves and wind. This precious gift that nature offers can be found here, on this island. 

It takes about 20 minutes to reach May Rut island from An Thoi by canoe.

Coming to May Rut island, visitors can freely soak in the clear blue water. 

Rocks floating in the water, a charming scene on May Rut. 

Tourists take photos at May Rut. 

Coconut trees on the beach. 

Visitors to May Rut can treat themselves to fresh seafood dishes prepared by chefs. 

One can also take part in many recreational activities on May Rut island. Fishing will offer an experience of bobbing on the sea looking for fish. Or if you’re not interested in daytime fishing, night squid fishing is another popular choice. Diving and looking at the coral reef is also a special attraction for visitors when coming here, because the water is extremely clear, allowing visitors perfect conditions to admire the beauty of the ocean world. Visitors can also visit the pearl farm, or the floating house where rare aquatic animals such as abalone, sea cucumber and turtles can be found.

May Rut island also has diverse and rich marine ecosystems such as fish, shrimp, crabs, oysters, snails and especially nuggets. These aquatic animals exist on the island in huge numbers, so anyone can catch and enjoy a hearty seafood meal.

May Rut island is a wonderful tourist spot that has put Phu Quoc on the lists of destinations worth visiting by many prestigious media sites such as Forbes, CNN and the Telegraph. In 2020, Phu Quoc ranked 7th in the Top 25 emerging destinations announced by the world's most famous travel consultancy site TripAdvisor.

By Le Minh, Nguyen Luan & Tat Son        Translated by Hong Hanh

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