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Masjid Nourul Ehsaan mosque

Masjid Nourul Ehsaan is the second largest mosque in Vietnam. It is not only a place of worship for Muslims of the ethnic Cham, but also an interesting cultural and tourist place in Dong Nai province.
Built in 2006 in Xuan Hung commune, Xuan Loc district, Masjid Nourul Ehsaan has typical Muslim architecture with domed structures. The rectangular-shaped mosque in white and blueish green faces west, in the direction of Mecca, which Muslims are supposed to face while performing their prayers. The mosque has four pointed towers at the four corners of its roof. In the middle on the top of the mosque is a minaret crowned with an onion dome. On the top of the minaret is a crescent moon and a five-pointed star, the symbol of Muslim.

The mosque has a simple structure with airy corridors. Muslims worship Allah, the absolute and all-powerful god who is neither a material nor a spiritual being. That’s why, the mosque is left empty inside.

The mosque in Xuan Loc is different from others in that it has a mezzanine floor with a curtain, which is used exclusively for women during services.

The rectangular-shaped mosque faces west in the direction of Mecca.

The entrance gate of the mosque.

The mosque has a simple structure with airy corridors.

The mosque has small windows under the onion dome to get light from outside.

Sunset seen from the top terrace of the mosque. 

Muslim people pray five times a day: before sunrise, midday, the late part of the afternoon, just after sunset and between sunset and midnight. According to village head Adohamit, Cham people who live near the mosque gather at the mosque five times a day to pray while those living far perform the rites at home. On Friday, most people go to the mosque for a sermon on the Quran.

Visiting Xuan Loc, one will meet Cham people wearing traditional costumes performing their daily activities. Men wear a sarong, a type of men’s skirt, while women wear an abaya and a hijab scarf.

Imam Adohamit recites the Quran during a service.

Men and women are separated during services.

Bowing towards the west.

Cham children in traditional hats attend a service.

Muslim people pray five times a day.

Cham girls at a tenet class.

A Cham girl in a traditional hijab scarf.

Children at a Cham village.

The mosque in Xuan Loc is not only a place for religious and cultural practices of the Cham but also a favorite destination for tourists and culture researchers. 
Story: Son Nghia -  Photos: Nguyen Luan

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