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Marko Nikolic and Pho Nha tho

Marko Nikolic is a popular author among Vietnamese readers. His novel Pho Nha tho (Church street), which tells stories of love and friendship set in Hanoi’s daily life, has received warm response from Vietnamese readers. The Serbian writer says the very lifestyle of Hanoi has changed his character and way of living.
A language and literary talent, Marko started his literary career when he was as young as 14. He published two books in Europe and his book “Ezan” published in 2011 was nominated for a Serbian literary award. Pho Nha tho is Marko’s third book written in Vietnamese after his six years living and working in Vietnam. 

Born in 1987 in Serbia, Marko Nikolic took a Master’s degree in pedagogy at the University of Belgrade and another in French language at the University of Latvia. He came to Vietnam in 2014 to teach English. After two years of learning Vietnamese by himself, Marko has mastered the language and written dozens of articles for the online newspapers VnExpress and An ninh The gioi.
Pho Nha tho is about Marko’s reflections of the life of foreigners in Hanoi. It portrays his views about the culture and people of Vietnam, as well as the charm alongside with the challenges of this Asian country. His novel seeks the answer to the question why we are unhappy or unsuccessful as well as other answers about life.

Pho Nha tho has received major attention from local readers and the national media. Marko said in the first two months after the book was published, almost every day he received readers’ messages sharing their feelings and positive feedback about the book. A female reader wrote:  “Thank you for writing such an interesting book. Your story makes me cry a lot because it contains many details similar to my life.” Another man also agreed that “the story makes me feel as if I were one of the characters of the novel.”

 Marko Nicolic with his novel.

The novel Pho Nha tho (Church street) has received warm response from Vietnamese readers. 

Marko is looking for material for the second part of his novel. 

He drops by book stores and newsstands everyday looking for
new publications to enhance his knowledge about Vietnam. Photo: Thanh Giang 

Apart from teaching, Marko spends time on writing novels.

Marko now teaches at Atlantic Five-Star English in Hanoi. Apart from teaching and writing, he also travels to different parts of Vietnam to discover the beauty of the country which he considers a second home.

Marko has finalized the draft of his new novel “A weirdo's  pursue of himself”, to be published later this year. It is a humorous and satirical story which reveals very original views of an “eccentric” foreign author about the contemporary society of Vietnam. Marko is also looking for materials for the second part of Pho Nha tho, slated for publication next year.

Marko and a student in his English class. 

Marko has a friendly chat with Hanoians. 

Marko has written many articles about Vietnamese
ao dai, the topic that he loves. 

Marko spends his free time to travel to different places of Vietnam to explore its beauty.  

Marko Nikolic is fluent in English, French, Russian and Vietnamese. He has traveled to around 70 countries to explore the life, cultures and languages in different parts of the world.
Story: Bich Van  -  Photos: Thanh Giang & Files

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