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Lucy’s Dream - Vitality from motifs

On each lace and silk product of Lucy’s Dream is traditional Vietnamese artwork and cultural exchanges between countries. Lucy’s Dream brings the aspirations of young Vietnamese to export fashion products globally.
Founded in 2012, Lucy’s Dream started as a traditional fashion shop located on Hang Giay street, Hanoi. The brand impresses foreign visitors with their fashion products because there are many traditional motifs imbued with Vietnamese culture.

According to Nong Mai Tram, Director of Lucy’s Dream, the brand has created many lace and printed fabric collections. Vivid motifs on Lucy Dream’s fashion items bring exquisite heritage stories from countries in Australia, Europe and the Americas.

Nong Mai Tram, Director of Lucy’s Dream, studied art in the UK. She came back to Vietnam to create lace fashion products. 

Lucy’s Dream staff are comprised of young Vietnamese who are passionate about producing creative fashion products.

An artist is drawing a product sketch. 

One of Lucy’s Dream’s artists is working with models. 

A fashion product tells the story of a child flying a kite.

Vietnamese young people like Lucy’s Dream lace and silk products. 

Lucy’s Dream’s factory. 

Everyday, the Lucy’s Dream creative team develops their ideas to create ancient Vietnamese motifs with modern colors expressed in various fashion styles. These motifs make interesting stories on the products.

From these motifs, Lucy's Dream has created collections with the themes of Ancient Vietnamese Dream, Speaking Motifs, Vietnamese National Beauty, Dynasties of Vietnam, Cities in the World, and Beautiful Scenery of Vietnam.

The brand’s lace costumes work as both fashion items on the catwalk, and essential partywear pieces. The fabric creates an elegant and youthful style. Lucy’s Dream also creates fashion products from silk, which is cool and durable.

Marc Rondo, an Australian who has ordered many Lucy's Dream's export products, said, "Lucy's Dream's silk and lace products have their own unique marks, which are fancy and impressive. Learning about the story behind each fashion item and making an acquaintance with the passionate staff of Lucy's Dream, we really want to introduce those items to our customers."

Nong Mai Tram introduces the products of Lucy’s Dream at a tradeshow in Tokyo, Japan. 

The latest lace designs of Lucy’s Dream.

Lucy’s Dream silk products with motifs of Hang Trong folk paintings.

A lace design by Lucy’s Dream with vivid motifs.

Fashion products by Lucy’s Dream have been exported to Australia and Morocco.

Currently, Lucy’s Dream exports 50,000 m2 of lace and 1,000 fashion items to Australia and Morocco per year. Printed on  natural materials, these lace and silk products are durable and unique. International orders for the brand’s products are increasing and the company is expanding its export to American and European markets.
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Viet Cuong & Files

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