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Iris Nguyen and her Perfumery House

Nguyen Le Quynh Nhu or Iris Nguyen is a name known in the Vietnamese startup community. Her Perfumery House is now a popular brand for cosmetics lovers.
Although she had a passion for scents, Nhu never thought of becoming a perfume maker. After graduating with a biotechnology degree from International University - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Nhu tried several jobs, but none of them satisfied her. She then spent almost a year doing nothing but thinking about herself and her true interest. That was when her love for fragrances made Nhu take a new challenge: making perfume.

Nhu began testing mixed scents to turn out various lines of perfume products. Nhu gave her first results to friends and relatives for comments. Surprisingly, she received positive feedback, which helped build her confidence to pursue this business. 


Lavender is one of Nhu's favorite scents.

Dried materials for extracting perfume.

Rose used as a sample scent.

Taking samples for testing scents. 

Using rose to produce perfume.

Nhu uses various flowers as testing samples.

Checking the scent of oil extract.

Checking the thinkness of oil extract.

Apart from perfume, Nhu also produces scented candles.

Nguyen Le Quynh Nhu has held training workshops on how to extract perfume. 

The debut of her first collection of perfumes with five different scents marked the birth of Perfumery House, which has now become a popular brand for handmade cosmetics lovers.

For Nhu, each scent is a piece of music with different notes from low to high. Her perfumes have a diverse range of long-lasting scents from fruit and floral fragrances to wood and spice aromas. The perfumes do not cause allergies, an important quality that makes Perfumery House a favorite brand in the market.

Nhu is still working hard to create new scents for her perfumes, which must “not only be aromatic but also bear the uniqueness of Perfumery House.”

Huong’s handmade perfumes.

By Thong Hai

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