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Hoi An tourism returns

Tet (Lunar New Year) is drawing near and Hoi An has gradually gained back its lively pace after long silent days.
During the closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the heritage town of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam was quiet and became even more tranquil than usual without tourists. The streets were not crowded with people. The colorful lanterns hanging outside ancient houses were not lighted up.

It seems that the quiet and sadness will hold on to Hoi An for awhile. Fortunately, the country has basically contained the pandemic and Hoi An has had a chance to reopen its tourist attractions. 

Hoi An young women in a lantern festival.

A lantern festival at Quan Cong temple. 

The town is lit up by colorful lanterns. 

Streetfood in Hoi An.

A dance by the Hoai river. 

Tourists can feel and see a vibrant atmosphere and a mixture of various colours on every corner of Hoi An ancient town.

An exciting street art performance.

Hoi An people welcome tourists to their town. 

The Pagoda bridge is lit up. 

The charming beauty of a Hoi An young woman. 

Foreign tourists in the town of Hoi An.

A lantern shop welcomes tourists.

In recent days right before Tet, tourists can return to Hoi An to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The empty streets are now lit, the ancient houses are filled with the scent of agarwood, the restaurants are plentiful and offer the delicious dishes of the Quang people. These include cao lau (a pork noodle dish), banh dap (crushed rice crackers with anchovy fish sauce), Quang noodles and bean curd. The attractive street art programs promise to keep visitors satisfied during their return to Hoi An.
By Thanh Hoa
Translated by Hong Hanh

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