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Hervé Rodriguez – Mastering Vietnamese Spices

Hervé Rodriguez is a Frenchman who came to Vietnam to open a restaurant. He has a simple passion, telling the story of culture with food. This Michelin-starred chef has created culinary masterpieces using Vietnamese spices to send a message, enjoying food in Vietnam is an adventure ready to be embarked upon.


Mr. Rodriguez is a Michelin-starred chef and a CEO. Michelin stars are voted on by the culinary magazine The Michelin Guide. This is a magazine that introduces specialty and quality places to eat around the world. A Michelin star in the culinary world is as prestigious as the Grammy in music or the Oscar in movies. 

Mr. Rodriguez came to Vietnam to open the Hervé Dining Room in Ho Chi Minh City with the idea of bringing culinary masterpieces to everyone, mindful that cuisine is not only about enjoying food but also represents the cultural beauty of each country. 

Hervé Rodriguez, a famous French chef. .
Hervé Rodriguez is cooking with eggs.
He is performing at the egg festival in Hanoi.
He presents his creations from eggs.
 Hervé Rodriguez shares his experiences to young chefs.
Other chefs exchange with Hervé Rodriguez.

With the slogan “Many hands, one masterpiece”, Chef Herve and the Vietnamese kitchen team have created the identity of the Dining Room using flavors from hundreds of Vietnamese spices and fruits.

The Vietnamese chefs circle calls Mr. Rodriguez “the taste controller”. Using his world class expertise, he constantly creates and introduces new dishes. Each one is a work of art that tells an interesting story. For example, his crab banh mi combines soft bread with lobster sauce and Phu Quoc green pepper - served with bean salad; Or his lobster scallop, bacon mixed with spicy tomato sauce served with turmeric rice. Two bold Vietnamese spices, Phu Quoc pepper and turmeric, together create new flavors for seafood.

His “Perfect egg” has earned a Michelin star. Recently, Mr. Rodriguez performed his egg menu in the culinary festival "Creativity from eggs" in Vietnam. His dishes have inspired many chefs and the Vietnamese community to make egg dishes together as an act of showing love on "Vietnam Family Day".

He is also dedicated in training a talented team of Vietnamese chefs who are passionate about serving customers from the heart with dishes inspired by life stories.

A lover of Vietnamese culture, Mr. Rodriguez has been invited by the Hanoi Professional Chefs Association and the World Super Chefs Association in Vietnam to be a Vietnam-France cultural ambassador. This is a role in which he could better promote Vietnamese cuisine in the Michelin Culinary Guide - thereby leveling up its standing on the world map.

Living and working in Vietnam, Mr. Rodriguez is also a CEO in the field of restaurant management, who has successfully set up many high-class restaurants in Vietnam. Mr. Rodriguez's forte in creating dishes, is providing great taste and talent in mixing colors and flavors of natural vegetables and fruit.


Creations from eggs made by chef Hervé Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez also understands the weather and climate of Vietnam, which leads to his appreciation of local seasonal ingredients. “Enjoying seasonal fruit is to enjoy and appreciate the nature around us. It is also a way to love the environment in Vietnam,” he said.

Currently, he is busy exploring the traditional Vietnamese cuisine to develop and introduce Vietnamese dishes in the international culinary manual. He is building a community of talented Vietnamese chefs who are dreaming of winning Michelin stars with Vietnamese culinary.



Story: Bich Van Photos: Thanh Giang Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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