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Heavenly Na Hang lake

Hidden in mountains and jungles, Na Hang lake in Tuyen Quang is a real heaven on earth with its amazingly calm atmosphere.
Located at the confluence of the Nang and Gam rivers, Na Hang lake covers an area of 8,000 hectares in Lam Binh and Na Hang districts. Surrounded by immense primeval forests and mountains, Na Hang has a heavenly view with its turquoise waters lapping at the feet of mountains that are enveloped by clouds.

Lam Binh district received nearly 23,000 visitors in the first four months of this year. 
As a symbol of Na Hang’s charm, the mountain of Coc Vai Pha, which means pole for tethering buffalo in the Tay language, looks like a huge finger pointing vertically out of the middle of the lake up to the sky.

At the boat terminal on Na Hang lake. 

Coc Vai Pha moutain is a symbol of Nang Hang tourism. Photo: Trong Dat

 Na Hang is regarded as Ha Long bay on land. Photo: Trong Dat

 Na Hang is a perfect harmony of water, mountains and forests. Photo: Trinh Bo

The romantic charm of Na Hang lake.

Na Hang is a real heaven on earth. 

Natural waterfall in the lake area. 

 Charming Mo waterfall in Na Hang. Photo: Trong Dat 

 Enjoying the turquoise water. Photo: Trinh Bo

 Local dishes are an attraction of Na Hang. Photo: Trinh Bo

Another beautiful mountain in Na Hang is Pac Ta, which means breast of heaven. Pac Ta, the highest mountain in Lam Binh district, has the shape of an elephant stooping down near a wine gourd. 

Visitors to Lam Binh will have a chance to see beautiful natural scenery and historical and cultural relics, and experience the life and diverse cultures of ethnic groups.
Na Hang lake also boasts many spectacular spots, such as Man Me, Khuoi Sung, Khuoi Nhi waterfalls and Phien Bung forest. On the way to Phien Bung, the villages of the Dao and Tay are scattered around the forest, creating a peaceful scene in the region.

Quiet Na Hang town, which is nestled on cloudy mountains, is also a nice place where visitors can find hostels and places serving delicious local foods. Recommended dishes for visitors here are grilled catfish, chicken, five-color sticky rice and corn liquor.

By Trinh Bo

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