In love with Vietnam

Hanoi Voices, a musical gathering of expats

Hanoi Voices (HNV) Choir gathers many expats who live in Vietnam with a common passion for music.
The choir was founded by the talented conductor and music arranger Dong Quang Vinh who was selected as the only representative of ASEAN to attend the project “Promoting social change through arts”. He established the choir with the aim of singing, playing musical instruments and sharing the music with the community.

From 14 initial members, the choir now has 40 people, including 70% expats. However the members often change because the expats in Vietnam will come back to their hometowns after completing their work contracts. The choir always welcomes newcomers with new styles.

According to Cyril, a French man working for Francophone University Association (AUF), he joined Hanoi Voices two years ago and considered the choir his home. He attended many large programs performed by the choir that brought him special feelings. Recently he, with Hanoi Voices has performed the musical “Les Miserable” which created a cultural event in Hanoi in 2020.

The Vietnam National Opera and Ballet has scheduled performances of the musical “Les Miserable” on stage in Ho Chi Minh City and other large cities in Vietnam

HNV members practice both Vietnamese folk songs and international operas.

A vocal practice of HNV members. 

HNV members perform the musical “Les Miserable” at the Hanoi Opera House. 

HNV members perform on profestional stages in Hanoi. 

HNV's performance touches the soul of audiences at the Hanoi Opera House.

HNV members have a common passion for music.

HNV members always perform whole-heartedly and bring to audiences their best. 

HNV members are energized by the performances.

To join the choir, all members need to have the ability and passion for music and they are tested during several rounds. Conductor Dong Quang Vinh and Cyril will check vocal techniques before adding a new member. HNV members, Maria Gunder, Has Wovmgoor and Katja Sailer also share their common thinking that conductor Dong Quang Vinh connected them closely and opened opportunities for them to perform at large stages.

Weekly, HNV has practice sessions in the evening. Thanks to regular practices and professional performances, the choir has obtained high-level musical achievements at L’Espace, the French cultural center, the Hanoi Opera House, embassies and universities. HNV members always perform whole-heartedly and bring to audiences their best. Through their shows, they would like to spread their love for Vietnamese culture to international friends with the spirit of “Live in Vietnam and be like a Vietnamese”.

The members are very excited doing Vietnamese melodies such as Beo dat may troi (Water-ferns drift, clouds float), Trong com (Rice drum) or Hello Vietnam during practice sessions. They learn from other members and reference documents to reflect the true “Vietnamese spirit”. When each melody is sung, the Vietnamese culture’s value also is spread.

Many HNV members said that they are energized by the performances and music helps them become more powerful and look forward to the future with a positive manner.
Story: Bich Van        Photos: Thanh Giang        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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