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Hanoi turns green in response to environmental campaign

Hanoi’s Pen Tower next to Hoan Kiem Lake was lit up with green lights on March 16 along with 400 of the world’s most famous landmarks to celebrate St Patrick’s Day - Ireland’s national day.
This was in response to Ireland’s Global Greening initiative which started in 2010 to raise public awareness about environmental protection.

The event is now a firm feature of St. Patrick’s Day of March 17, which is celebrated both in Ireland and by people of Irish descent and friends of Ireland around the world.

On that day, hundreds of iconic landmarks, such as the Empire State building in New York, the London City Hall, and the Great Wall in China, turn green to encourage environmental protection. 

Foreigners on the pedestrian street near Hoan Kiem Lake, where the “greening ceremony” takes place.

The Pen Tower in Hoan Kiem Lake is lit with green lights. 

Vietnamese and Irish friends try traditional Irish dances.

The green hats represent the friendship between Vietnam and Ireland. 

Books and gifts are given to tourists at the ceremony. 

Students are interested in handbooks about studying in Ireland.

Visitors are given stickers which show the friendship between Vietnam and Ireland.

Young visitors pose for a photo. 

Visitors take a quiz about Ireland.

A traditional Irish dance attracts tourists.

Vietnamese and Irish friends perform an Irish dance.

A traditional music band plays Ireland’s spectacular music.

Tourists are interested in picking up cups which contain questions about Ireland. 

Playing the ring toss game.

A young boy is trying to earn prizes from a game.

Games, one of the most exciting part of the ceremony, attract a lot of visitors.

This was the 3rd year Vietnam joined the greening ceremony, which was held by the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam in partnership with Hanoi and the Friends of Ireland group.

We were impressed by the green sky, and the sound of traditional Irish music songs on the pedestrian street near Hoan Kiem Lake area.

The ceremony was followed by an Ireland Day event featuring Irish cultural activities, including Irish games, traditional dance performed by the Cork University band, and a quiz about Irish culture.

Irish Ambassador to Vietnam Cait Moran hoped the event would give Vietnamese people a chance to enjoy a taste of Ireland’s culture and help Hanoi “go green”.

“The festival is not only a greening ceremony but also a musical playground, a chance for Vietnamese people and international friends to learn about Ireland, the only English-speaking country in Europe to have a harp as its national emblem”, said Ngoc Son, a visitor to the event./.

Ireland opened an Embassy in Hanoi in 2005. Bilateral trade has grown significantly in recent years to nearly 500 million euro. The two countries' trade priority includes education, aviation, agriculture, renewable energy, and information and communication technology. Over 26,000 Irish visitors travel to Vietnam each year, and an Irish community of about 1,000 is living and working in Vietnam. 
Story: Bich Van – Photos: Thanh Giang

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An Inspirational Teacher

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