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Hachi hydroponic farm

As one of the top 7 most innovative startups in Asia, Hachi Vietnam High Technology Joint Stock Company has successfully built many hydroponic farms using Industry 4.0 in Vietnam. 
Hachi originated from a startup project of young people from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Vietnam National University of Agriculture with a capital of 100 million dong. They applied the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to build high-tech farms, with an IoT control system for smart hydroponic growing.

Hachi’s system automatically monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and light, through apps on smartphones and automatically downloads data on each type of vegetables on its server to activate its care mode. 

When parameters change, the server sends directions on irrigation or additional lighting for the system to perform at its best. The user’s smartphone will show in detail the parameters of environmental conditions and logs changes over time. 

Saplings are ready for hydroponic growing. 

Without soil, vegetables grow rapidly in hydroponic farms. 

Hydroponic farms help increase the 30-50% growth speed and
isolates vegetables against outside environment of pests. 

Vegetables grown in h
ydroponic farms are clean and safe for customers. 

Fresh lettuce grow well in a 
hydroponic farm. 

Checking quality of water in a 
hydroponic farm. 

Hachi’s system uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which automatically monitors environmental conditions,
such as temperature, humidity, and light, through apps on smartphones. 

Hachi built hydroponic farms for locals on Phu Quoc island district in 2019. That means the high-tech agriculture model can be implemented anywhere in Vietnam.

Hachi is the first Vietnamese enterprise to build a hydroponic farm on an area of 4,000 sq m in Rockbank, a township near Melbourne, Australia. Tom Nguyen, the owner of the farm, said that the area has green coverage thanks to Hachi’s project.
Besides Tom Nguyen, many Vietnamese farmers are interested in the model of hydroponic farming. Vinh - an electronics engineer, and his farmer father have visited the model at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Vinh said he will build a hydroponic farm in his hometown in Ha Tinh province.

Hachi's hydroponic farm model is dislayed at the 2018 Vietnam Start-up Forum. 

Customers visit a 
hydroponic farm in the National University of Agriculture. 

Tom Nguyen’s hydroponic farm built by Hachi in Melbourne, Australia. Photo Files 

With achievements in developing the smart hydroponic farms, Dang Xuan Truong - CEO and Founder of Hachi, was on the list of top ten outstanding young people of Hanoi in 2018. He was also one of 13 candidates to attend the Global Summit in India and he won second prize in the Startup Battle contest 2018 in Korea. Meanwhile, Hachi was selected as one of the seven most outstanding start-ups in Asia at the World Economic Forum 2018 and won the prize of climate change adaptation.
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Thanh Giang & Files

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