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Ghositaram pagoda

As a unique cultural destination in Bac Lieu province, Ghositaram pagoda is a museum of fine arts showcasing the talent of Khmer artists.
Located in Cu Lao village, Hung Hoi commune, Vinh Loi district, the pagoda was built in 1860 and renovated in 2001. Covering a 4ha area, the pagoda creates a familiar image in the southwestern region with two rows of palmyra palm trees at the entrance.

Ghositaram has the typical architecture of a Khmer pagoda, consisting of a central chamber, a vihara, an auditorium, a tower, a school, and the monks’ residence.

The 36m high central chamber in a 427 m2  area is painted yellow and red, the usual color of Khmer pagodas.

A spotlight of Buddhist culture, Ghositaram is one of the most beautiful Khmer pagodas in the Mekong delta.

The apagoda’s roof has many layers which form a tower on the top. 

Ghositaram has the typical architecture of a Khmer pagoda.

Inside the central chamber.

Reliefs inside the pagoda show
 Buddha's life.

Statue of a five-head snake at the pagoda.

Lacquered pillars with sophisticated patterns.

Statues of sacred animals at the pagoda.

A sophisticated relief at the pagoda.

A relief shows the daily life of the Khmer.

Another relief tells the life of Buddha.

Fairy-shaped reliefs beautify the pagoda.

A gong at Ghositaram. 

Funeral urns at the pagoda.

Khmer language class at the pagoda. 

Preparing offerings before a ritual. 

The pagoda is a favorite destination for followers and visitors during important events of the Khmer, including Sene Dolta, Kathina and Chol Chnam Thmay festivals, according to Thach Phol, head of the pagoda’s management board. The pagoda’s school also attracts a lot of Khmer young people to study courses on Buddhist doctrine and subjects of general education.

Located near tourist sites in the area, including the wind power field, old longan orchard, and Banh xeo A Mat (Vietnamese savory fried pancake) restaurant, Ghositaram pagoda is an interesting spiritual tourism destination in Bac Lieu.

Ghositaram is a learning place for Khmer people. According to the Khmer tradition, at the age of 14 or 15, a boy is supposed to stay at a pagoda for a certain period of time to study Buddhist texts and subjects of general education as well as common knowledge in life. The study and practice at the pagoda are a way for a son to show gratitude to his parents. 
Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Le Minh