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Firefighting foam maker targets foreign markets

VINAFOAM, a leading brand of firefighting foam in Vietnam, has set the ambitious goal of becoming a global manufacturer. The company has exported its products to Asia Pacific and is targeting European and American markets.
The VINAFOAM plant was built in 2018 at the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in Hai Duong province. Built on an area of 10,000 ha, the plant, with an investment of 6 million US dollars, is regarded as the most modern one in Southeast Asia.

General Director Nguyen Thanh Tuan said VINAFOAM aims to “create quality foam products which are efficient and safe in firefighting, but are also environmentally friendly.”

The inauguration ceremony of VinaFoam plant in Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park in Hai Duong in July.      

The ceremony is attended by representatives of Vinafoam's agents in Asia Pacific.

At Vinafoam lab.

Vinafoam uses advanced technology to produce firefighting foam. 

After two years of research, invention and testing, VINAFOAM has now produced product lines of internationally accredited quality. The company has received international and domestic quality certificates, including EN 1568:2018; ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization); IMO; LASTFIRE; and TCVN 7278:2003 standards.

“VINAFOAM can be used to fight fires in a wide range of areas, from such industries as oil, coal, petrochemistry, maritime, aviation and transport, to urban areas and warehouses,” said Doan Viet Manh, Director of the Department of Fire Fighting and Rescue Police.

The company is annually growing at 30% with an output of 1 million liters/year.

It has established agents in more than 10 countries in Asia-Pacific and has exported to Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Technicians test firefighting foam at Vinafoam’s fire suppression lab. 

At Vinafoam’s end product area. 

Vinafoam aims to produce foam which is effective in firefighting but environmentally friendly.

Vinafoam products meet domestic and international quality standards.

Kurt Frankenberger, Executive Director of Windshear of the Philippines, one of VINAFOAM's first agents in Asia Pacific, said Windshear made the first order of 4,000 liters of foam.

Shinbaura of Japan is also considering buying VINAFOAM products due to their environmental friendliness.
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Viet Cuong

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