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DSDKids – furniture made for children

Made from imported natural wood, kid’s furniture products with designs from DSDKids not only sells to domestic consumers but also targets the international market.


The CEO of DSDKids Nguyen Thi Dung told unique stories about her parallel journey of motherhood and building DSDKids.

Dung said that if you want to have time for yourself and develop your work, first you have to solve issues related to and you must feel secure about your children. DSDKids’s establishment has become an effective "assistant" of her motherhood journey.

Like other moms, when Dung had the first baby, she looked for safe natural wood furniture, but on the market at that time, there was only furniture made of laminated wood and plastic furniture of low quality. Imported goods were expensive and it took a long time to wait for it. Dung and her husband, with expertise in architecture, asked “Why don't we use our own skills to create safe and quality children's furniture products, helping parents like us feel secure when letting their children use them?”


The DSDKids wants children to use made–in Vietnam products. Photo: DSDKids’ Files


Products are guaranteedabout the quality, creativity and safety for children. Photo: DSDKids’ Files


Children enjoy experiencing DSDKids products. Photo: DSDKids’ Files

DSDkids received the outstanding award Asia Quality Products – Service 2019 . Photo: DSDKids’ Files


Dung’s three little girls were the first customers to try the test products of DSDKids. The children have been "quality assessors", measuring comfort and suitability when using the furniture in the most transparent, fair and objective manner. Ideas of suitable furniture products were born during the process of taking care of, playing with and observing the children's habits and activities. For example, cute bunny-eared chairs can keep children sitting and staying longer, or using a multi-functional table that helps children to both study and play.

Seeing many issues from moms when helping children in personal hygiene, eating and studying, Dung wanted to solve the issues by creating suitable furniture for kids.

Unique ideas came from a mom’s concerns during her motherhood. The first experimental washbasins are designed to change according to the height changes of children from two to ten years old. Children from 2 years old can already brush their teeth and wash their face without adult supervision.

It not only helps parents have more time, but also helps the children form independent habits from an early age. DSDKids wants to spread the message that more than an item of furniture, this furniture acts as a friend who can grow up and accompany your children in the process of learning and development”.

DSDKids products always ensure two criterion. The first one is diverse functions and a high value of use to save on costs for parents. The second one is integrating educational values because for children, education is considered the first. 


Drawing boards are made with suitable sizes and materials for children. Photo: Thanh Giang

Eye-catching posters and pictures. Photo: Thanh Giang

DSDKids wall mouth. Photo: DSDKids’ Files

Cute bunny-eared chairs for children. Photo: Thanh Giang

Tables, chairs, and beds are researched and designed by the staff of DSDKids to be suitable for children from 0-12 years old. Photo: DSDKids’ Files

Children are interested in cute boards. Photo: Thanh Giang

Bunk bed products. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

DSDKids' anti-humpback table. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Easy-to-use shelf products made at DSDKids. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Products are designed by DSDKid’s staff to suit the space

and height of small children. Photo: DSDKids’ Files

According to Dung, there is no separate furniture showroom in the market that is basically directed at  children. This is an opportunity to cover the Vietnamese market with a chain of kids furniture stores. Currently, DSDKids has showrooms in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and will open in Hai Phong and Quang Ngai soon.

DSDKids also has orders from Germany and Belgium which are in the process of preparing legal documents, certification and shipment.



Story: Thao Vy Photos: Thanh Giang & DSDKids’ Files Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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