Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh, an affectionate inspiration

After 12 years of helping children with their reading habits and making it her lifelong passion, Doctor of Education Nguyen Thuy Anh was voted onto Forbes Magazines’ list of 20 inspirational women in 2021.

Returning to Vietnam after 17 years studying in Russia, Dr. Thuy Anh was in awe of the “shedding-skin” changes in her homeland. She found herself truly concerned about parent’s worries and distress over their children’s education.

Passionate about her role as a trained educator, Dr. Thuy Anh believed she had to do something to ease the challenging parental journey, at least for her own friends at first.

In 2010, the Reading with Children Club was born out of this passion. The club's slogan clearly showed the founder's mission and desire: "Read books with your children - grow up with your children".

The first gathering received registrations from 200 families. Since then, the club has become a "common home" for many children. From reading by topic to large gatherings with guests, writers and poets, the reading sessions were planned with consideration by Dr. Thuy Anh to encourage the love of reading in children and to also foster imagination, creativity, empathy and confidence in them.

Doctor of Education Nguyen Thuy Anh was voted onto Forbes Magazines’ list of 20 inspirational women in 2021. Photo: Cong Dat

The Reading with Children Club has become a lovely place for children. Photo: Cong Dat

The space at the Reading with Children Club is environmentally friendly and suitable for children of all ages. Photo: Cong Dat

At the reading club, there are many books of all kinds for children. Photo: Cong Dat

A reading corner. Photo: Cong Dat

At the reading club, children also learn how to make stuffed animals and many other items. Photo: Cong Dat
  Dr. Thuy Anh answers the concerns, worries and thoughts of parents about the journey of educating their children. Photo: Cong Dat

In 2014, the Reading with Children Club was selected by the International Jury Council as a successful model at the 10th Model of Competent Performance Award, Dubai International Award.

Dr. Thuy Anh has researched, designed and conducted test after test to finally be able to introduce an efficient process of club operations. She then brought the knowledge to provinces across the country such as Dien Bien, Thanh Hoa, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Thai Binh and Ha Giang, to provide guidance to teachers and parents, as well as the staff of local clubs. Projects implemented by Dr. Thuy Anh included: World Vision, Reading Space, Meals have Meat, Knowledge and Dreams and Books for you.

From October 2014 to October 2015, Dr. Thuy Anh trained 368 teachers in Vi Xuyen, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Quan Ba and Yen Minh (Ha Giang), and introduced her club model to many kindergartens, primary schools and junior high schools in Hanoi.

  Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh talked with a parent on Vietnam Poetry Day in 2018. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Anh’s Files

Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh is teaching Vietnamese students in Germany. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Anh’s Files

Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh in a Polish language workshop at the Goethe-Institut. Photo: Nguyen Thuy Anh’s Files



Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh at the launching ceremony of Andersen book at L’Espace.

Another notable activity that Dr. Thuy Anh has successfully implemented is exposing children to traditional arts such as tuong, cheo, and theatre. “Nurturing a love for traditional arts in Vietnamese younger generations will help provide them a solid cultural backdrop to become global citizens,” according to Dr. Thuy Anh. EcoCamp - a career orientation summer camp for children has become an activity that many children look forward to every year.

Dr. Thuy Anh is also known as a writer, poet, and translator. The book series “Nhim Nhim Nhim Nhim - Having fun with Vietnamese, Gentle tiger mother and Once upon a time, today and tomorrow” have become a close friend to many children who are at an age where they are eager to explore and get acquainted with the world around them. Entertainment aside, the books were designed to also help them develop skills and appreciate their loved ones.

In addition to her work in Vietnam, Dr. Thuy Anh also participates in teaching the Vietnamese language and introducing Vietnamese culture to Vietnamese communities in Warsaw, Poland and Stuttgart, Germany. She also attended the Literary Composition Festival organized by the Russian Writers' Association to help young Vietnamese living abroad to understand and appreciate their homeland’s language more.

In any activity or program that she joins, Dr. Thuy Anh can be seen as a pure soul, who possesses a sincere love and passion for her job and for children, and who has a positive energy and valuable messages ready to be delivered about the teaching profession. “An affectionate inspiration” - as many people have called her.

Story: Thao Vy Photos: Cong Dat & Files Translated by Hong Hanh

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