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David Lapetina Inspires Vietnamese IT Students

David Lapetina from France has lived and worked in Vietnam for more than 10 years. He has been an enthusiastic mentor to many young people who love the software industry and are studying to become IT engineers in Vietnam.


David has worked for TIBCO Vietnam - a French software technology company with  representatives in Vietnam since 2011. When he moved to Hanoi to work, everything was new. David said, “Vietnam has a relatively fast and high adoption rate of the latest technology, which contributes to making Vietnam very attractive for international technology companies to invest”.

David Lapetina has been an enthusiastic mentor to many young people who love the software industry and are studying to become IT engineers in Vietnam.
David Lapetina talks at a workshop in the software technology industry in Vietnam. 
David Lapetina attends an international workshop of promoting creative industry in Vietnam.
David Lapetina talks about how to make a good personal impression in recruiting technology engineers with students of Vietnam - Japan University in Hanoi.
At a seminar, he shares the skills to encourage creativity for IT engineers working in the software sector.
Experts and David Lapetina at an international conference. 


When he first came to Hanoi to work, David took up the position of TIBCO Orchestra Networks and participated in the recruiting of 60 Vietnamese engineers, thereby building the company as well as training its personnel. . The work has provided David with networking opportunities with many partners including universities and local businesses. David also supports partners in personnel training and recruiting talent in the software technology industry in Vietnam.

David said, “Vietnam is a dynamic country in the technology industry with booming startups. Vietnam has a young population, highly educated and qualified personnel in the technology industry. Therefore, the technology and software market in Vietnam has a lot of potential”.

David places a lot of faith in TIBCO Vietnam, which will have many useful projects and products. David worked with the Vietnam - Japan University and organized a number of seminars on technical topics and soft skills for students. He was also a group advisor and trainer for students to help them to have a good academic foundation and develop their own soft skills. From this students can have an overview of what is important to them, what is expected in the industry and received useful skills from David's 20 years of dedicated career experience.


David works with staff of the Vietnam - Japan University
Students practice their interview skills under the guidance of David Lapetina.
Students are fascinated by the talks of David Lapetina.
David Lapetina and students of the the Vietnam - Japan University pose for a photo.

I also had the opportunity to have an afternoon talking about the preparation skills when applying for a job that David implemented at the Vietnam - Japan University. It was a very meaningful seminar for students who are about to graduate from university and prepare to enter the profession.

David said, "I believe that all Vietnamese students can become good software engineers". According to David, in addition to their knowledge, Vietnamese students have adhered to three pillars. The first is the scientific method, always test and prove your assumptions. The second is to be curious, always learn new things, ask why and how to really understand the technology you are using. The third is to develop soft skills of communication and active listening.

When talking about work, David never runs out of energy. He supports Vietnamese students and always reminds them to ask situational questions, and to talk about situations you are facing so that he can advise you and find the best solution for the job.

In addition to his work at Tibco Vietnam, David is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master. He and many friends from countries around the world are living and working in Vietnam to form a martial arts group to practice martial arts together to improve their skills. David loves Vietnamese food and even cooks many dishes for his family to enjoy.

In addition to speaking English and French fluently, David is also trying to learn Vietnamese to better understand the country and people of Vietnam. To David Vietnam is not only a country where he is developing his career but also a part of his life. 


David Lapetinac is an eAi/SOA software expert. in France, he was a speaker for the
Free Software radio program (2007-2009). He is also the founder and publishing
director of the cultural webzine http://www (the web has many articles sharing
information about the cultural beauties of  countries around the world). David alsowrites collaborative articles on i.T topics for the security magazines “Pirates Mag” and
“Le Monde informatique”.

Story: Bich Van/VNP Photos: Thanh Giang Translated by Hong Hanh

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