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Da Bia village

Da Bia village in Hoa Binh province is a perfect venue for travelers wanting to explore the wild nature and authentic indigenous culture. Untouched natural scenery, homestays in old stilt houses, and simple but delicious food of the Muong Ao Ta are among the irresistible charms for visitors to Da Bia. 
Located in Tien Phong commune, Da Bac district, Da Bia village can easily be reached from Hoa Binh by road or waterway. Going by waterway, visitors can enjoy the amazing scenery of Hoa Binh lake with its crystal-clear water and green islands. If travelling by road, they will experience an adventurous feeling going through weaving steep mountain roads along which are green trees and yellow and purple flowers.

Da Bia village keeps nature almost untouched with the clear and cool air of the primeval forest, and the tranquility of a mountain countryside where the only sounds one can hear are birdsongs.

Lying on the side of Hoa Binh lake, Da Bia village boasts beautiful scenery. 

Panoramic view of Da Bia village seen from above.

On the boat to discover Da Bia village.

The one to two-hour boat trip in Hoa Binh lake takes tourists to Da Bia village.

Visitors are excited when they arrive in Da Bia village.

 A traditional stilt house in Da Bia village used as a homestay for tourists. 

A corner in Da Bia village.

South Korean tourists learn about the culture and history of Da Bia village. 

There are four homestays in Da Bia village. 

Inside a homestay in Da Bia village. 

Kayaking on Hoa Binh lake in Da Bia village. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP 

In Da Bia, visitors can walk or ride a bike to explore old stilt houses in the village. They can also do water activities such as kayaking, rowing, swimming and caving.
Visitors can have a relaxing swim in cool water and then enjoy local food specialties. The taste of such simple dishes as chicken, pork, fish, bamboo shoots and forest vegetables, all of which come from natural sources, is because of the cooking talent of Muong Ao Ta men.

 Da Bia village’s auto shop draws visitors’ attention.

Da Bia has a special store selling products made by villagers without a salesperson. At this shop, buyers pick up goods and leave money in a basket according to posted prices.

At night, visitors can enjoy local songs and dances performed by villagers under a sky full of stars, giving them a feeling of calm and peace after a day of travel.
By Cong Dat

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