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Artist brings Vietnam and South Korea closer together

Nearly 1,300 colorful, paper butterflies made by children and young people with disabilities around the world have been displayed at an installation exhibition in Hanoi by South Korean artist Ahn Yun Mo. Titled “Become A Butterfly”, the exhibition was on tour in many countries before it arrived in Vietnam.
Among the 1,300 butterflies displayed at the exhibition, nearly 100 were created by students with disabilities from Binh Minh special school during a workshop held in Hanoi by Ahn Yun Mon. These artworks showed the art and emotions between Ahn Yun Mon and five Korean artists with disabilities, and the children.

The touring exhibition “Become A Butterfly” has been held at the Bozar Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and other museums in Indonesia, South Korea, Ethiopia, Thailand, China, Kenya and France.
The exhibition is part of a project named “Become A Butterfly” initiated in 2013 by Ahn Yun Mo with children and young people with disabilities worldwide. The international project not only shows the authenticity of South Korean art, but also delivers a message of hope with the participation of millions of children with disabilities around the world.

While working with children with autism from Binh Minh school in the art workshop, Ahn discovered the wonderful creativity of the children. “I had a nice experience working with the children. They drew much better than I had thought. I hope to have interactions with children with disabilities all over the world, including Vietnamese children,” Ahn said.

Ahn Yun Mo’s “Become A Butterfly” exhibition has been held in different parts of the world.

At an art workshop in preparation for “Become A Butterfly” held in Bali, Indonesia in 2013. Photo: Files

“Become A Butterfly” in Belgium. Photo: Files

Preparing for “Become A Butterfly” in New York in 2014. Photo: Files

Ethiopian children joined the “Become A Butterfly” project in New York in 2014. Photo: Files

The exhibition in Hanoi gave Ahn a chance to meet Vietnamese children with disabilities. Ahn hopes the art project helps nurture in the children a dream for a better life and a beautiful world. The butterflies created by Vietnamese children with disabilities have served as a bridge connecting Vietnamese and Korean hearts.


Ahn Yun Mo at the opening ceremony of “Become A Butterfly” in Hanoi.

“Become A Butterfly” by Ahn Yun Mo and students from Binh Minh special school is held at the South Korea Cultural Center in Hanoi.

Colorful butterflies convey a message of humanity.

“Become A Butterfly” in Vietnam attracts a lot of visitors on opening day.

A Vietnamese girl prepares for the Korean artist’s unique exhibition.

A student from Binh Minh special school creates her piece of art in preparation for the exhibition. Photo: Files

Many Vietnamese artists visit the exhibition.

Ahn Yun Mo with students from Binh Minh special school. Photo: Files
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Viet Cuong & Files

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