In love with Vietnam

A language therapist and her love for Hanoi

Anne Sophie, a French language therapist, has for years formed a strong attachment to Hanoi and lives with her happy family here. Being passionate  about music, Anne and the Hanoi Voices’ members have been spreading their love for Vietnam to the public.
Anne’s degree is in language therapy from the Institute of Rehabilitation Science at the University of Lyon 1. She completed her thesis at Montreal University, Canada and has 10 years experience in treating pediatric patients with neuro-developmental disorders in Geneva.

Anne Sophie first came to Hanoi in 2005 to work as a language therapist at Hanoi Family Practice. During her first two years in Hanoi, she had nice experiences including a wedding with artist Tran Trong Linh. The couple shares the same passion for music and art. Their family is where the culture of France and Vietnam are connected. 

Since 2007, Anne’s family would travel back and forth to Vietnam and France for their businesses. In 2019, Anne decided to relocate her family to Hanoi after refusing many job offers in France. Her desire was to bring her experience as a language therapist to help develop the field in Vietnam.

Anne Sophie loves Vietnamese people and natural landscape. 

Anne Sophie, a language therapist who is treating many autistic children in Hanoi. 

Anne Sophie talking about psychosocial care and the development
of children's communication and language functions. 

Anne Sophie in her daily life. 

Anne's family is where the culture of France and Vietnam are connected. 

Anne Sophie has for years formed a strong attachment to Hanoi and lives with her happy family here.

Shortly after returning to Hanoi, Anne contacted many counseling and therapy centers in Hanoi to provide training and counseling to Vietnamese language therapists. She opened a language therapy center to meet the demands of the French expat community in Vietnam.

With her experience as a therapist at the Geneva Center for Educational and Cognitive Therapy and Independent Speech Therapists in Geneva, Switzerland, Anne participated in the project “Development and implementation of college certification in assessment and psychological intervention for children with disabilities learning in school context”, delivered by the Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) and the Catholic University of Louvain and Liege University Belgium.

Anne Sophie is not only fluent in English, Vietnamese and French (her mother tongue) but she has also learned to speak German, Italian, and Spanish. She can sing and she likes to practice playing guitar. She is a member of Hanoi Voices (HNV); the group performed the musical “Les Misérables” at the Hanoi Opera House. Music and art play an important part in her life and that makes her love Hanoi even more.

She performs at her best and is full of emotion on stage. 

Anne Sophie as a professional actress with her co-stars in the musical "Les Misérables".

Anne Sophie in a music rehearsal with members of the Hanoi Voices. 

Anne Sophie always tries to do her best in whatever she is doing, whether it is therapy, or playing music with HNV members. She loves Vietnamese children and hopes to help treat Vietnamese children with autism and language disorders. 
Story: Bich Van       Photos: Minh Tam        Translated by Hong Hanh

Japanese Coordinator Helps Economic Empowerment for Ethnic youth

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