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A 30-year-journey of Duc Thanh Wood

For the past three decades, Duc Thanh Wood Processing Joint-Stock Company has become a spotlight of Vietnamese enterprises reaching the global market.
Duc Thanh wood-based products including kitchenware, household utensils, home furniture and kid toys are not only sold nationwide, but are also exported to over 50 countries during the COVID-19 crisis.

During the journey, the company seems to have become stronger after each crisis, just like a boat in a storm pushing forward. As a “female general” in the wood industry, Chairman Le Hai Lieu is one of the rare women leading a wood processing enterprise.

In 1994, the government required that timber companies should export finished products with the aim of preventing waste of wood resources. At that time, Lieu decided to seek new markets while returning to focus on the domestic market. Then products of kitchenware and household utensils were launched and become specific lines of products by Duc Thanh Wood.

Thanks to the steadfast development of its specific product lines instead of expanding to multi-industry business, the company has obtained significant achievements. It has been the leading enterprise in the niche market.

Le Thi Hai Lieu, a “female general” in the wood industry. 

In 2020, despite of the COVID-19 crisis, the company’s revenue reached
400 billion dong (17.5 million US dollars), up 17% compared to 2019. 

Products of kitchenware and household utensils are specific lines of products by Duc Thanh Wood.

By July 2021, the company received export orders worth
over 14.5 million US dollars and finished 86% of its plan for orders this year. 

At the shareholders’ meeting in May 2021, the company reached a consensus
on the plan to issue ESOP shares to employees. 

Duc Thanh Wood applies the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. 

Duc Thanh Wood products meet standards for export to the markets of the EU, US, Japan and South Korea. 

Winintoys, a brand name made by Duc Thanh appears in choosy markets. 

The packaging line at Duc Thanh wood processing joint-stock company. 

Seeing a plentiful material resource in Vietnam, Duc Thanh Wood has used discarded rubber trees, after taking latex, for its production. “Vietnam is among the top rubber export countries in the world. It would be a huge waste if these rubber trees were discarded and not used,” Lieu said.

The enterprise has built firm reputation by its partners following a special method. Lieu said: “During 30 years of business, I have not had to say sorry to any partner yet. If you make a mistake once, you will never get a chance to do it again”.

With its prestige, Duc Thanh Wood is one of few enterprises where their customers pay in advance 90% of the order’s value.
The company also has a unique strength in management. In a crisis, instead of reducing the number of laborers or suspending production, Mrs. Lieu sent a letter to announce the situation of the enterprise and called for opinions, ideas and solutions from her staff. She received great solutions from her employees.

Part of Duc Thanh Wood’s showroom. 

Toys made by Duc Thanh meet the strict standards of the EU, US and Japan. 

A Duc Thanh kitchenwear product. 

Duc Thanh Wood has good preparation to cope up with each crisis. 

Toys made by Duc Thanh Wood.

At the shareholders’ meeting in May 2021, the company reached a consensus on the plan to issue ESOP shares to employees. Accordingly, laborers have more dividends that are worth much more than bank interest rates. “People must have good morale to be able to make quality products”, founder of Duc Thanh Wood, Le Ba told his daughter, Le Hai Lieu.

Regarding the development of kid’s toys, Lieu said: “As much as I love my children, I see other mothers who love their children just as much.”

In stead of destroying the environment and despite the consequences for profit, Duc Thanh Wood is a green spotlight which contributes to the prosperity of the nation.

Story: Vy Thao        Photos: Thong Hai & files       Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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