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The Vietnamese Women’s Museum

In 2013, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum was listed in the top 25 attractive destinations in Asia by the most prestigious tourism website in the world – TripAdvisor. “Worth a visit - touching stories” was the message about the museum that the website wanted to send to its readers. 
The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is located on Ly ThuongKiet Street which is known as one of the most beautiful streets in the capital with many French-style buildings. The museum, under the Vietnam Women’s Union, was established in 1987. Its main functions are on research and preserving and displaying tangible and intangible historical and cultural heritages of Vietnamese women.It is also a centre for cultural exchange betweenVietnamese and international women.

Since its official opening in 1995, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has successfully held many exhibitions and received hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and international visitors per year. It has so far collected more than 25,000 documents and objects related to Vietnamese women.

The statue of a Vietnamese woman at the museum’s entrance. 

An installation space inside the museum.

A betel and areca tray at the wedding ceremony of the Kinh people at the museum.

Different types of wedding invitations displayed at the museum.

The traditional wedding costumes of b
ride and bridegroom in Hue at the museum. 

Wedding jewelry of a Dao bride. 

A bedroom of the Tai Dam ethnic people.

The imag of a Mong woman carrying  her child on her back.

A corner shows the work of grinding corn using a stone grinder by women in rural areas. 

The space for displaying objects and images of famous Vietnamese women in history.

A room decorated  by Vietnamese women during the subsidised period. 

Showcasing towels and aprons with beautiful patterns of the ethnic groups.

Pillow case for children in the subsidised period. 

A space for displaying images of Vietnamese heroic mothers. 

The traditional dresses of Vietnamese women are displayed at the museum. 

At the museum, exhibits are displayed about the three themes of women in family, women in history and women’s fashion which leaves a strong impression on viewers. Stories of Vietnamese women are reflected by detailed rituals and customs on marriage, childbirth and family life.

With objects of great historical and cultural values, the museum has become a “must-see” destination for tourists to Hanoi.

By Tran Thanh Giang