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SUP in West Lake

Visiting West Lake in Hanoi on beautiful days, one will have the opportunity to see spectacular performances of Stand up Paddle (SUP) Boarding by groups of people.
According to Pham Minh Trung, a member of Umove SUP Club – the first one in Hanoi, the water sport, which originates from Hawaii, is very popular around the world. It was introduced to Vietnam three years ago.

A SUP boat, about 3.5-4m in length, consists of a board made of plastic or rubber. It is not heavy and can be folded in the shape of a backpack. The boat includes a paddle and a lifejacket. Each SUP costs from 8-20 million dong, depending on the quality of the boat.

Pumping the boat.

A boy tries to pump his paddle board. 

The piezometer to measure the SUP boat. 

Each paddle board is equipped with a rudder. 

An SUP boat consists of a board and a 2m long paddle.

To ensure safety, SUP boat rowers always wear a lifejacket.

The boy ties the SUP leash to his leg to keep the paddle board close in case he falls into the water. 

The Umove SUP Club now has about 30 boats and its members often go to West Lake on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 

Keeping balance is quite difficult while standing. 

Participating in the club, the players not only get exercise but also meet with others to share their hobby.

On beautiful days, West Lake is quite calm and very suitable for the sport. .

Besides kayaking, Hanoians now are interested in SUP boarding.
The beautiful scenery of West Lake with an SUP boat at sunset. 

It is quire easy rowing an SUP boat and it takes about 15-30 minutes for the rower to familiarize his or herself with the boat. However, controlling the paddleboard requires many postures, such as sitting, kneeling or standing which are closely related to keeping the boat balanced.

Trung added that SUP boardingis still new in Vietnam and there are now about 20 members of the Umove Sub Club in Hanoi who can do it. The club’s members often row SUP boats on West Lake every Saturday and Sunday. Besides the club, some resorts in Vietnam also provide SUP boat service for foreign visitors.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long