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Song cu – A Dangerous and Effective Martial Arts Weapon

Song cu (twin spurs) is an ancient martial arts weapon, which only few people know how to use expertly. This small weapon is made into a curve with a sharp point like a rooster’s spurs, which is very suitable for close fighting, just like game cocks use their spurs to attack their opponent’s vulnerable spots.
Song cu is usually made from steel or aluminum with the size and flexible structure depending on a users’ hand size. The end is designed with a small hole large enough for the user’s forefinger as people put them on. The blade is sharp on both sides, with a curve and a length to avoid injuries on a song cu holder’s wrists when he moves the weapon.

This weapon was formerly used by foresters to fight wild animals, cut bushes and clear their path. However, the use of this weapon is not so easy. First, exercises must be done for steady body positions and quick movements, then the shift of song cu between two hands will be taught. The ability to roll and turn song cu is considered a difficult technique because only a small mistake by a student can cut their wrists.

Structure of the song cu.

Basic way of holding song cu.

Warm-up movements in song cu exercises.

Song cu act of hooking at the upper part of the opponent’s body.

“Lien hoa” continuous movement following dangerous attacks.

“ Binh hac thu” movement in a song cu exercise.

“Son da trieu luu” position.

“Lac ma cau” position.

Act of attacking at the upper body as a continuous attack on opponents.

Spur swinging.

Movements in the “Tam xich tram” position.

Left hand swinging spurs and right hand holding spurs tightly in a harmonious movement.

Using song cu for defense and swift attacks.

Currently, song cu techniques are demonstrated through seven verses depicting various movements of attack and defense by spurs of game cocks in fighting. Ta Anh Dung, the one-legged martial arts master of Kim Ke Tay Son Nhan martial arts school is lucky to have studied and practiced song cu since the age of 18. He regularly practices song cu in order to master the twin spurs.

With the spur, martial arts master Ta Anh Dung flexibly, skillfully and beautifully moves it between two hands with movements of pecking, hooking, thrusting, grazing and cutting, song cu is suitable for close fighting and attacking opponents in their vulnerable spots.

Apart from song cu practice, this martial arts master has created other exercises of his own such as the dagger-countering crutch exercise and the two-section or three-section fighting stick exercise, for self-defense and coaching people with disabilities in physical exercises.

In the mornings, those who pass by Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh city will see an old martial arts master practicing different martial arts movements with his students eagerly and assiduously. That is martial arts master Ta Anh Dung, known as the possessor of many rare martial arts exercises, including song cu.

Story: Son Nghia -  Photos: Nguyen Luan