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S&A Academy

S&A Academy is a football training centre which was established by Doan Hoang Son and Apisit Kaikaev - two former football players of the Vietnam and Thailand national football teams.
Sharing a passionate love for football, Doan Hoang Son from Vietnam and Apisit Kaikaev from Thailand become close friends after matches. Son was the former captain of the Vietnam Olympic Football Team and played for some football clubs in Vietnam like Dong Tam Long An and Hanoi T&T and Aspisit was a famous Thai football player and now works as an assistant coach of the Thailand National Football Team.

After giving up his football career, Son nurtured the idea to do something useful to help Vietnamese children have more opportunities to play football. During his visits to Thailand to meet his close friend, Son had the opportunity to visit many football training centres there. These two friends initiated the idea of establishing a football training centre in both Vietnam and Thailand. Not long after, their dream became true with the establishment of S&A Academy in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. “S” and “A” are the first letters of the names of Son and Apisit that symbolise their friendship.


The coach and players of the first course at S&A Academy in Ho Chi Minh City.

The S&A Academy trains football for children, aging from 6-12.

Established in April 2016, S&A Academy in Ho Chi Minh City now attracts a large number of children.

The academy focuses on the professionalism of players.

Players start with warm-up exercises before each training session.

Players are enthusiastically instructed by the coaches.

Players are directly trained by coach Apisit.

Coaches Apisit and Hoang Son instruct players on the skill of moving the ball.

Players practice the skill of transferring the ball.

Players are taken care of by the coaches.

Players are focused at each training session.

Coaches Apisit and Hoang Son bequeath their passion for football to the children.

The football training centre in Ho Chi Minh City has two fields for training in Districts 8 and 10 which are well equipped. Here, little players are trained professionally under a detailed curriculum. They are taught the skills of playing football and exercises to improve their flexibility, quickness and creativeness. Besides Hoang Son, the players are also taught by Apisit who visits the centre every month. Apisit said: “I love children very much and consider them my sons. I spend much time looking for suitable exercises that help them learn the skills to play football easily, so they will become passionate for the king of sports”.

At present, the centre also receives support from other coaches like Huynh Anh Tuan, Ly Lam Huy and Amaobi who were granted C, B and A certificates by the AFC.

According to Hoang Son, the centre will select the best players to participate in championship tournaments both at home and abroad. For players of U13-15, the centre will give them opportunities to compete with others in Thailand.

Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Thong Hai