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Russian woman promotes cultural ties with Vietnam

Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaia, Director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Hanoi, has been given a medal by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations for her contributions in promoting the relationship between Vietnam and Russia.
In 2005, Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaia came to Vietnam for the first time to attend a 10-month training course in Vietnamese at the Vietnam National University - University of Social Sciences and Humanities. In 2010, she started her official work at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Hanoi. Climbing the ladder, she worked in different positions as an interpreter, assistant and secretary, Natalia became director of the center in 2016.

“My point of view and experiences were from former leaders. Since I came to work as the director, the center has organized hundreds of events and activities to promote the relationship between the two countries,” Natalia said.

Regarding education, Natalia organized the Olympiads on Russian language, physics, math and information technology which attracted high school seniors who have been looking for scholarships to study abroad in Russia. To speed up Russian language teaching in Vietnam, Natalia and her colleagues held many training courses in the Russian language for Vietnamese young people as well as sending Vietnamese students to internship programs in Russia.

Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaia, Director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Hanoi. Photo: Khanh Long

Natalia attends a seminar about Pushkin’s works before his birthday anniversary. Photo: Files

Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaia with delegates at the 220th birthday anniversary
of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Photo: Files

Natalia receives a medal from the Vietnam National University Hanoi. Photo: Files

The Olympiad on the Russian language held by the Russian Center of Science and Culture
draws the participation of hundreds of students in Vietnam. Photo: Files

 Natalia poses for a photo with the Exemplary Band of the National Guard Forces of the Russian Federation in Hanoi. Photo: Files

Natalia attended the event "Happy new year 2018" held by Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations. Photo: Files

Natalia plays the role of a MC at an event celebrating the 
Reunification Day (April 30) and Victory Day (May 9). Photo: Files

Natalia Valerievna Shainskaya speaks at the exhibition "the wedding ceremonies of Russian ethnic groups". Photo: Files

Natalia attends the international cuisine festival. Photo: Files

According to Natalia, Vietnam ranks first on Russia’s list of government scholarships. In 2019, Russia gave Vietnamese students 960 scholarships including living expenses from the Vietnamese government. Therefore, the number of students wanting to study in Russia has increased.

As Natalia acknowledged, there are not many Russian students studying Vietnamese, so she has made efforts to promote Vietnamese education in Russian schools. Since 2017, three universities in Russia have added the Vietnamese language into their curriculums.

“I was touched when Vietnam recognized my contribution in promoting the Vietnam - Russia relationship. This is an important prize and milestone in my career. Although the medal is an award for me, it includes the efforts of all the staff members working at the center.”

Natalia Valerievna Shafinskaia
For culture and arts, Natalia and her colleagues have organized Russian film screenings and arts performances by troupes from Russia. In 2019, the Russian Center of Science and Culture coordinated with the Vietnam Musician’s Association to organize concerts performed by the Exemplary Band of the National Guard Forces of the Russian Federation in Hanoi and Quang Ninh province.

The Russian Center of Science and Culture is responsible for humanistic cooperation between the two countries in culture, education, youth work and speeding up Russian language education in Vietnam

Story: Ngan Ha  -  Photos: Khanh Long & Files