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Phu Thanh Garments

Although having been in the garment sector for more than eight years, Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company has carved a firm niche in the domestic and foreign market thanks to its different development strategy - producing men’s underwear and socks.
At the company’s production workshop where a system of 300 automatic weaving machines are working, Nguyen Viet Tung, CEO and Director of Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company told us about the history of the company.

In 1996, Vietnam had only Xuan Dinh Knitting Factory which specialised in producing socks for Japan. At that time, the factory’s products were not sold in the domestic market so he and many others had to line up for hours to buy faulty products which were weeded out. He saw a great potential in this type of product so he was determined to engage in it. However, not until a meeting with a Korean friend did his dream came true. Thanks to the support  from his friend, he bought 10 knitting machines like those in Xuan Dinh Knitting Company, each worth 1,100 dollars, and started his private business. In 2008, Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company was officially established and now operates under the present-day group model.

To make products suitable for the Vietnamese, he spent years researching bad odour caused by the hot and wet climate in Vietnam. Based on his study, the company has applied the Nano technology to a new type of product  with an antiseptic feature and used materials which have a good capacity of odour repelling and an antibacterial to ensure sweat absorption that keeps feet dry and comfortable. Furthermore, the company is now conducting studies on using  heat-retaining yarn and cold yarns to produce underclothes for summer and winter.

Operating a knitting machine at Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company.

The company has invested in advanced machines to further expand its production scale. 

Modern machines are used in the  production line of socks in the company.

Checking the quality of products. 

Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company always pays much attention to innovating technology.

Part of the production line in Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company. 

Packing socks in the company. 

Socks of Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company. 

At present the total productivity of the company has reached 20 million pairs of socks/year and more than 1 million pairs of underwear/year. Apart from providing products to the domestic market, the company has exported to foreign markets like Cuba  (about 5-6 millions pairs of socks/year in 2013), Japan, South Korea, and others in South Africa.

When Vietnam joins TPP and AEC the company is Provided with a great opportunity to take advantage of tax to invest more in advanced machines and equipment.

(Nguyen Viet Tung, CEO and Director of Phu Thanh Garment Joint-stock Company)

Story: Thao Vy - Photos: Viet Cuong