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Nam Duoc - A Popular Vietnamese Medicine Brand

Nam Duoc Joint-stock Company is the only enterprise in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical sector which was honourably presented the “Global Performance Excellence Award-GPEA” in 2015. Over the years, the company has helped affirm the role of Vietnamese medicine as Tue Tinh - the founder of Vietnam’s traditional medicine said, “Vietnamese medicine is used to treat Vietnamese people”.
With modern technology used in extracting and developing medicines, Nam Duoc is the first pharmaceutical production company in Vietnam meeting the Integrated Management System with the criteria of Good manufacturing practice (GMP-WHO), the quality management system of ISO 9001, the environment of ISO 14000, the total quality management (TQM), the herb-growing area under GACP-WHO, HACCP and SA 8000. Meeting these standards which are recognised worldwide  is partly attributed to the company’s success with the Global Performance Excellence Award -GPEA granted by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organisation.

Over the years, the company has  taken full advantages of abundant herb resources in Vietnam which ranks third in the world, after China and India. It has continually expanded and zoned off areas for growing herbs under GACP-WHO. At present, the company has 50 herb growing areas in all regions in the country, including the 5ha Australian cow plant area in Hai Hau (Nam Dinh), the female ginseng and dan sam (salvia miltiorhiza) area in Bac Ha (Lao Cai); the monkey grass and balloon flower area in Phu Tho, la khoi tia (ardisia silvestris) area in Ba Vi and hung chanh (pletranthus amboinicus) and diep ha chau (phyllanthaceae) area in Phu Yen. These areas provide 70% of the clean and safe materials for the company’s production.

The 5ha area of growing kumquats which is used to make cough medicine.

The materials for making herb medicines of Nam Duoc Company meeting standards in terms of quality and safety.

The company’s modern production line. 

The facilities of the company meet standards of GMP-WHO, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000:2004,
HACCP and SA 80000 which form into IMS (the Integrated Management System).

Recording time and temperature when drying different materials in an automatic oven.

Nam Duoc Company is the only enterprise in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical sector meeting the Integrated Management System.

Nam Duoc products gain trust from customers.

Products are strictly checked at the quality control room.

Herb materials are examined at the company’s testing room.

Classifying tablets before packing.

The storage facilities are divided into different areas for materials, supplement materials and finished products.

Packing products.
Some companies’ oriental medicines are much used by domestic customers,
such as thong xoang tan Nam Duoc, Ich Nhi cough syrup and Bao Xuan.

The company defines the development of herb-growing areas as its long-term and stable strategy because it not only provides a safe material resource but also generates jobs for locals with a high income, contributing to the improvement of locals’ living standards. Previously, the locals earned only 15 million dong/ha from growing rice, but now earn 50 million dong from growing herbs.

The company wants to successfully develop specialised medicines only seen in Vietnam, such as pharmaceutical products from the poison of copperhead snakes, cay ca gai leo (solanum procumbens)  to treat diseases related to the liver. The company has invested in modern technology that helps make products in perie, tablets and siro.

With pharmaceutical products made from Vietnamese herbs, Nam Duoc hope that the Vietnamese will use high-quality products with a clear origin.

Some common products made by Nam Duoc.

Nam Duoc now focuses on making specialised products.    

Story: Thao Vy - Photos: Tran Thanh Giang