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Miss Saigon Perfume Brand

Miss Saigon, the famous perfume brand name of Saigon Cosmetics Corporation (SCC), has won the hearts of customers both at home and abroad for many years. The corporation’s product which has the container in the shape of a Vietnamese lady wearing a traditional Ao dai and a conical leaf hat has a faint and sexy fragrance.
Saigon Cosmetics Corporation was formerly the Imortel Perfume Company which was present in Saigon prior to 1975. After 1975, it changed to the Cosmetics Workshop II, then to the Cosmetics Factory II and became the Saigon Cosmetics Factory in 1990. Until 1999, the factory was privatised and kept the present name. Over the years, the company has developed and become the leading cosmetics, perfume and detergent manufacturer in Vietnam.

With a hope of highlighting the beauty of the Vietnamese women, SCC’s leaders nurtured an idea of creating a distinctive scent of Vietnam which is easily distinguished from others. After many years conducting research on the perfume manufacturing sector of developed countries and some of the world’s famous perfume brand names such as Chanel and Lancome, SCC created a type of perfume brand named Miss Saigon which is famous in Vietnam for its delicate feminine, sweet and light scent. To make the product unique, the company also cooperates with Minh Long Ceramics Company to design three types of bottle of perfume in the shape of a northern delta girl wearing a four-flap dress and a flat conical leaf hat embellished with a red ribbon, a girl in the Central region wearing a traditional Ao dai with a scarf on her head and a girl in the South wearing a traditional Ao dai and a leaf hat.

Miss Saigon has successfully built its trademark with the image of a  graceful Vietnamese woman.
Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Miss Saigon is famous for its perfume’s container in the shape of a Vietnamese woman
wearing a traditional Ao dai and a conical leaf hat. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Miss Saigon perfume has a balsamic and sweet scent. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Miss Saigon brings about an impression of modernity, elegance
together with unmistakable Vietnam’s imprints. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

The unique and delicate scent of Miss Saigon perfume receives much praise from foreigners to Vietnam.
Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao, Director of Saigon Cosmetics Corporation. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

SCC always strictly control  every production stage. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Perfume bottles on the production line. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Each perfume bottle is carefully checked and examined before being sold to the market. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Miss Saigon perfume has been exported to over 20 countries worldwide. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP
Early in 2014, SCC put its factory into operation in Cat Lai Industrial Zone, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City with a modern and self-contained manufacturing process, meeting international standards. All SCC products are manufactured under  strict quality assurance processes in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard to guarantee the highest product quality and safety levels.

To meet the increasing demand of the market, SCC has manufactured different products brand named Miss Saigon, such as Miss Saigon Elegance (N5), Miss Vietnam-Hanoi (N33), Miss Vietnam-Saigon Elegance (N31), Miss Vietnam-Hue (N32) with the price varying from 350,000 -2.5 million dong.

To promote the trademark of Miss Saigon to the world, SCC has focused on PR, looking for new partners and supporting customers through trade exhibitions, fairs and trade promotion activities held domestically and internationally. The corporation has also established a distribution system of around 500 agents in 61 provinces and cities nationwide, providing products to big supermarkets in the country like Coopmart, Maximart and BigC.

At present, the company’s product is also exported to over 20 countries in the world like the US, China, Japan, Russia and Australia. In 2006, Miss Saigon was selected as a present to state leaders and their wives who attended APEC 2006 in Hanoi. In 2007, Miss Saigon was presented the prestigious WIPO Award by the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organisation.
Saigon Cosmetics Corporation

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Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
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Story: Nguyen Oanh
Photos: Dang Kim Phuong