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Maybelle Loudspeakers: A Blend of Vietnam’s Ceramics and Hi-end Technology

In order to help develop traditional pottery products from the ceramic village of Bat Tràng, Nguyen The Anh, a young entrepreneur, launched a start-up to produce loudspeakers using ceramics.
One year ago, in April 2016, Nguyen The Anh established Maybelle after he successfully produced his first product - the SOLO ceramic loudspeaker. Even though ceramic loudspeakers have been around for a while, it was the first time that such a product has been made commercially in Vietnam.

Maybelle loudspeakers, a marriage between Vietnam’s traditional ceramics and modern technology, are highly rated in the online forums specialising in audio and acoustics.

Director of Maybelle Vietnam Nguyen The Anh decorates ceramic loudspeakers by hand.

A technician uses 3D technology to design ceramic loudspeakers.

A technician balances a tube-shaped ceramic loudspeaker.

A technician prints posters for ceramic loudspeakers.

Producing integrated circuits for ceramic loudspeakers.

After decorating the ceramic cover it will be heated again to avoid colour fading.

Most of the production process is done by hand.

Assembling ceramic loudspeakers requires precision.

A lamp speaker is a combination of a lamp and loudspeaker.

Most Maybelle loudspeakers are full - range loudspeakers suitable for most types of music. Maybelle is suitable for those who like a high quality acoustic product.

"In addition, as customers tend to prefer small speakers to put on their desks, I decided to make smaller ceramic loudspeakers with a reasonable price for regular customers”, said Nguyen The Anh, director of Maybelle Vietnam.

Maybelle’s are not regular electro-dynamic loudspeakers.They are the combination of sound-resonance (entertainment value) and decoration (aesthetic). Besides the entertainment factor, the products are the highlight of home and office interior decorations.

According to Nguyen The Anh, the ceramic loudspeaker boxes are manufactured entirely by hand by Bat Trang’s craftsmen to ensure durability and precision.

 Cannon ceramic loudspeakers.

Lamp loudspeakers.

A unique loudspeaker.

A cannon ceramic loudspeaker

Maybelle ceramic loudspeakers are being exhibited at “Toong Co working Space”,
an exhibition for start-up companies, at 98 To Ngoc Van street, Hanoi.

Currently, Maybelle has two product lines with 13 speaker types and Bluetooth amplifiers, with prices ranging from 320,000 dong (14 US dollars) to 5,690,000 dong (260 US dollars).

With his strong sense of innovation, Nguyen The Anh made the first ever "made in Vietnam" ceramic loudspeakers - a blend of traditional and contemporary Eastern and Western beauty.

Maybelle is an example of the passion and creation in the speaker start-up field which is booming in Vietnam. The Maybelle loudspeaker production project is the first start-up project in the acoustic field in Vietnam.

Story: Thuc Hien – Photos: Tat Son & Files