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Martial Arts with Jars in Thu Dau Mot

The ward of Tuong Binh Hiep in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province is famous for the traditional craft of making earthen jars.  During the process of production,  locals created distinctive martial arts performances with jars.
For many years, the locals in this ward have madejars by hand.  Based on movements while making jars, such as kneading clay, shaping  and making moulds, they created exercises with jars to practice as a way to improve their health and relax after working hard.  Seeing the uniqueness and creativeness of the exercises, Tran Dinh Duong, Chairman of Binh Duong Traditional Martial Arts Association collected and compiled them into 18 performances which are practiced by both pottery makers and traditional martial artists.

Movements in martial art performances with jars are not complicated, using the familiar movements in jar making. 18 performances are divided into different levels, from basic to advanced, including the most typical and popular such as  bat quai lu, lu cuu cung, lu that tinh, lu ngu hanh, and lu ngu mon.

Practicing with jars at a pottery kiln. 

There are three kinds of jars used for practice, including the large, medium and small, with each used suitably for certain exercises to reach the desired targets. For example, large jars are used to practice standing postures and making muscles stronger while medium-sized jars are used in exercises with the combination of strength and speed and small ones for improving speed and flexibility.

Exercises with jars help improve one’s health, support skills in production, and are good for the treatment of some  diseases related to bones and the spine.

Jars are considered a kind of short weapon to defend and attack rivals. When it is broken, its pieces can be used to fight against long weapons, depending on how they are used.

Keeping a jar balanced with a leg..

Jars are used as a short weapon to defend effectively.

An exercise with two jars.

Using a jar against a long stick.
If necessary, jars are used as a weapon to defend and fight against others.

Story:  Son Nghia - Photos: Nguyen Luan