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Luc Ngan litchis go abroad

A specialty fruit from Bac Giang province, succulent ripe litchis found in Luc Ngan are being exported to Japan and Russia, becoming a major source of incomes for locals.
As the country’s largest litchi-growing region, Luc Ngan district in Bac Giang province is exporting tons of this fruit. 
Luc Ngan district had, by late June, exported around 80 tons of litchis to Russia and Japan, according to the Trade Promotion Center of the Industry and Trade Department of Bac Giang province.

Hong Giang commune in Luc Ngan was colored with red litchi orchards because the fruit was in the harvest time in June.

The special soil in Luc Ngan creates a distinct succulence, delicate sweetness and fragrant flavor for litchis grown here. Luc Ngan litchis have all the superior qualities for the fruit with a thin and smooth peel, thick whitish pulp and black small seeds.

Luc Ngan litchis are regarded as the essence of Bac Giang as litchis of the same variety taste differently if they are grown in other localities, according to Nguyen Huu Tao, the owner of a 0.5ha litchi orchard in Hong Giang commune. Tao harvested over seven tons of litchis this year.

Bac Giang is the country’s largest litchi-growing region.

Happy with a bumper harvest. 

Sorting quality litchis for export. 

. To keep the fruit fresh, farmers use ice to preserve litchis during transportation. 

A Luc Ngan litchi fair held by Bac Giang province at Hanoi’s Big C.


Tao’s neighbor, Nguyen Thanh Toan who owns a 0.8ha garden, also yielded eight tons of litchis. Toan said this year’s yield was higher thanks to favorable weather conditions and the fruit variety’s good quality.

Litchis are being served as the desert for business-class and premium-class passengers on Vietnam Airlines’ international and domestic flights departing from Hanoi.
This year, Luc Ngan district is expected to yield over 90,000 tons of litchis, 13,000 tons of which were harvested in early June. The district is now at peak harvest time.

Luc Ngan litchis are selling well at home and abroad thanks to rising demands and the local authorities’ efforts to expand domestic and overseas markets.

The rising sale of litchis has also helped boost production, business and services in Bac Giang, according to Cao Van Hoan, vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Luc Ngan district, saying total revenues from litchi-related services reached over 1 trillion dong (over 43.4 million US dollars) annually

By: Khanh Long