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Hoang Gia Pearls

Raising oysters for pearls started more than 100 years ago and has now  begun happening in many countries around the world because of their great value. In Vietnam,  Hoang Gia Pearl Co., Ltd  is known as the leading company specialising in oyster farming and creating pearls with the pattern engraving technology which is considered a breakthrough for the jewelry industry.
Vietnam is one of the countries having suitable conditions for raising pearl oysters. There are four main kinds of oysters which have been found to produce pearls from the northern province of Quang Ninh to the southern province of Kien Giang in Vietnam. To take full advantage of the great potential, many companies, including Hoang Gia Pearl Co., Ltd, cultivate pearl oysters.

Although it was only established in 2001, Hoang Gia Pearl Co., Ltd has now become one of the largest company breeding pearl oysters and making pearl jewelry in Vietnam, annually providing the market with  millions of pearls.  The company now owns three oyster farms on Hon Tam Islet, Nha Phu Lagoon and Mon Lagoon in Khanh Hoa Province. In Hon Tam Islet alone, more than one million oysters  of the Akoya, South Sea and Tahiti varieties are raised in an area of more than 10ha.

Before making jewelry, the company’s pearls are carefully selected in terms of  their roundness and brightness and then are verified by an X-ray Quality Assurance System to measure nacre thickness.

Oyster farming area of the Hoang Gia Company on Hon Tam Islet, Khanh Hoa Province. Photo: Tat Son

Oystermen of the Hoang Gia Company have to dive to check the living environment of oysters. Photo: Tat Son

Oystermen have to take cells from good oysters to implant together with beads. Photo: Tat Son

Beads used to implant into oysters. Photo: Tat Son

Implanting a bead into oyster breeder. Photo: Tat Son 

Oysters with implanted beads. Photo: Tat Son

The oyster breeders are put on cages and farmed at sea. Photo: Tat Son

Oystermen must regularly clean shells to prevent diseases for oysters. Photo: Tat Son

Hoang Gia Pearl Co., Ltd is the largest company specializing in creating jewelries from pearls. Photo: Tat Son

Pearl jewellery manipulating workshop of Hoang Gia Pearl Company in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: File

The company is well-known in the world for technique of carving on pearls. Photo: File

General Director Hoang Gia Pearl Co., Ltd Ho Thanh Tuan receives the Vietnam Record
certificate for the miss crown from pearls. Photo: File

Customers buy pearl jewelries of Hoang Gia in Khanh Hoa. Photo: Tat Son


To establish a globally recognised brand name for Vietnamese pearls, and after years of studying a range of ideas that could characterise the nation’s features on cultured pearls, the company finally succeeded in engraving decorative patterns onto pearls which has never been done in other countries.  Making pearls with carved patterns depends on the initial stage of implanting beads into oysters and the success rate  is nearly 50%. Crude pearls are selected for engraving with desired patterns which are then implanted into oysters again. After a certain amount of time, a thin layer of nacre from the oyster will cover the  surface of the pearl. However, to create decorative carvings as desired, oyster breeders  must regularly examine the oysters.  If the oysters are kept too long, the images will be lost because of a thicker layer of nacre, whereas if kept a short time, the pearls are less durable. With proper time, the pearl that is re-harvested  will produce  unique decorative patterns.  Oysters of engraved pearls are normally harvested once a year.

Because crude pearls are sold for a low price at market, the company decided to invest to increase the value of pearls through its focus on manipulating high-class jewelry, meeting international standards.  With tireless efforts and creativeness of its cadres and employees, the company annually makes
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hundreds of high-end pearl jewelry which are highly valued.

Thanks to its prestige and success over the years, the Hoang Gia Pearl Company  was entrusted to make the crown for Miss Vietnam 2014 which set a Vietnam Guinness record for the largest pearl engraved with the image of a Dong Son bronze drum and the largest number of natural pearls. The highlight of the crown is a 15mm gold pearl which is surrounded by 18 other gold natural ones and 36 Akoya pearls and nearly 1,000 natural diamonds.

The miss crown made by Hoang Gia set up the Vietnam Record. Photo: File 

The biggest pearl carved  with patterns of bronze drum on the miss crown of Hoang Gia. Photo:File

Raw pearls of Hoang Gia Company. Photo: Tat Son

Delicate and valuable jewellery made from pearls of the Hoang Gia Company. Photo: Tat Son

With its unique products, the Hoang Gia Pearl Company has become one of the most prestigious jewelery providers both at home and abroad.

By Tat Son & Files