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Ho May Eco-Tourism Park

Vung Tau City is endowed by nature with Lon and Nho (Big and Small) Mountains. On Lon Mountain there is Ho May Eco-Tourism Park that has become a new and interesting destination for tourists.
Ho May Eco-Tourism Park covers over 20ha with two artificial lakes, May Thuong and May Ha, which were constructed at an altitude of dozens of metres, forming a wonderful waterfall, 9m high. At sunset, clouds spread over the lakes’ surface and mountains that creates dreamlike scenery, fascinating any visitor. Unlike other areas in the city, the eco-tourism park has the wild beauty of forests and mountains and it is cool all year round with an average temperature of 22-25oC.  

Ho May Eco-tourism Park is an interesting destination for tourists in Vung Tau City.

Touring the park by carriage.

Swan cycling on May Lake at sunset.

May Lakes are artificial ones on Lon Mountain.

The 30m high Mitreya Statue is displayed at the eco-tourism park.

La Han Duong with 18 arhats.
The entertainment area in the park provides tourists with many interesting rides.

Posing for a photo at the flower garden.

The city of Vung Tau is seen from cable cars above Ho May Eco-Tourism Park.
Previously, tourists had to walk on paths on the mountains to reach the park. However, in recent years thanks to a 500m-long suspended cable system, it takes tourists several minutes to arrive at the park. It will be surely an interesting experience for tourists when traveling by cable cars. At an altitude of 210m above the sea water, tourists have a panoramic view of the city of Vung Tau with roads shaded by trees and a coastal winding road that looks like a silk ribbon, Bach Dinh Beauty Spot as a spotlight among the forest and the bustling port with boats and ships flocking in and out all day. For those who like discovering the wild beauty of forests and mountains, they can follow the paths through the forest or go camping in cherry blossom or Caribbean pine forests.

Coming to the area, tourists have a chance to visit a temple where 30m high Mitreya Statue is displayed; La Han Duong with 18 arhats and Buddha Cave that is dedicated to 33 founders of the Chen sect. The tourists are also provided with a series of interesting tourism services, such as rowing, fishing and riding.

Visiting Ho May Eco-tourism Park, tourists will feel relaxed and enjoy a peaceful space with whisper melodies of pine forests in Vung Tau- a beautiful sea city.

Story: Nguyen Oanh - Photo: Nguyen Luan