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Dong Luc, a leading sporting goods manufacturer

After two decades of development, Dong Luc Joint Stock Company has grown into a leading maker of sports shoes, sportswear and sporting goods. The company is exporting its products to Ukraine, South Korea, China, Argentina, Hungary and Singapore.  
In 1989, a small cooperative was established to make footballs. Four years later, it was restructured into Dong Luc Company Ltd. In 2007, the company was transformed into Dong Luc Joint Stock Company.

Dong Luc is now a leading group in the manufacture, distribution, import and export of sports equipment, healthcare equipment and education aids. The company has a dealer network with over 30 retailers nationwide.

Dong Luc has five plants manufacturing sport shoes, footballs, sportswear and other sports products. Its football plant monthly turns out 70,000-100,000 FIFA Approved soccer balls.

 Dong Luc sports shoes plant. Photo: Files

A printing line at the company's soccer ball plant. Photo: Files

 A hi-tech soccer ball production line of Dong Luc. Photo: Files

 Dong Luc has five quality ball production workshops. Photo: Files

Models of cups made by Dong Luc for domestic sports tournaments. 

Dong Luc soccer balls are exported to Chile, the US, Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.

In 2016 and 2017, Dong Luc was the exclusive sponsor of Vietnam’s professional football tournaments. The balls used in these tournaments meet FIFA Quality Pro criteria, meaning they are qualified for world soccer events. Dong Luc is the only Vietnamese football brand qualified. Dong Luc soccer balls are exported to Chile, the US, Japan, China, and South East Asian countries.

“To become a leading sporting goods group in Vietnam from a small cooperative was the result of the creative thinking of the managerial staff and all employees”, said Mai The Hung, Dong Luc’s Director of External Affairs.

“An important turning point in the development of the company was in 1993 when the cooperative was restructured into a limited liability company operating in the market economy mechanism”, Hung said.

Sports goods manufactured or distributed by Dong Luc are popular in the domestic market.

 Dong Luc is also a leading manufacturer, distributor, importer and
exporter of sports equipment and healthcare equipment.

At the shop of a sportswear dealer of Dong Luc. 

Dong Luc soccer balls have been FIFA approved since 2001. 

Dong Luc sports shoes are exported to Cuba. 

The drastic measures to restructure the company paid off. Dong Luc has made profits constantly for years, helping the company secure a stable financial status which enabled it to make investments in advanced technology.

Dong Luc’s present achievements are thanks to the company’s success in building a working environment that promotes unity, dynamism and creativeness of all the staff, according to Hung.

Story: Thao Vy -  Photos: Thanh Giang & files