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Crocodile Farming

After working at a zoo three decades ago, Ton That Hung is now the owner of one of the country’s biggest crocodile farms and the biggest supplier of crocodile products in Vietnam.
Working as a reptile keeper at Thao Cam Vien Zoo in Ho Chi Minh City in the mid-1980s, Hung had contact with crocodiles regularly. He was told about the economic value of crocodiles by a Cuban reptile expert. Then he became a member of a Vietnamese team that successfully incubated crocodile eggs for the first time in Vietnam.

After collecting a shipment of 100 crocodiles donated by Cuba for the zoo in 1986, Hung considered starting his own farm by establishing Hoa Ca Crocodile Farm in Ho Chi Minh City in 2000, specialising in processing and supplying products from a crocodile like the skin, meat, and bone.

The crocodile breeding farm is designed like a wildlife swamp which helps crocodiles grow in a natural environment

.. and was fenced by steel bars to protect visitors.

Hoa Ca Crocodile Farm boasts many skilled workers who make high-quality products.

A corner of the production house.

Crocodile skins with various colours.

Stuffed crocodiles for displaying purpose.

A showroom of Hoa Ca Crocodile brands. 

Based in Ho Chi Minh City’s northern district 12, Hoa Ca Crocodile Farm is an 8,000m2 sophisticated complex including a breeding farm, processing house, showroom displaying crocodile products, restaurant, and a park.

The crocodile breeding farm, which accounts for some 1,000m2, designed like a wildlife swamp which will help crocodiles grow in a natural environment. The farm now produces 1,600 crocodile skins and supplies some 3,000 breeding crocodiles to the market.

In addition, the company also produces some 2,500 products from crocodile skins such as purses, wallets, wristbands, anklets and belts, which were priced less by 50% compared with international brands.

Some other up-market products are for export to European markets, according to Ton That Hung.

Hung said he hopes that with the upcoming application of modern FTAs (Free Trade Agreements), Hoa Ca Crocodile brands will have more chances to expand its export markets.

Some up-market handbags for export to the EU

A belt made from crocodile skin with different colors.

Fashion accessories

Products tag with the certificate of origin.

According to the Vietnamese management authority of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), around 600,000 crocodiles are currently being raised in Vietnam by more than 1,000 households in 25 provinces and cities, mainly in the South.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat – Photos: Dang Kim Phuong