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Casumina Tires and Tubes

Over the years, tires and tubes manufactured by the Southern Rubber Industry Joint-stock Company (Casumina) have gained prestige in both the domestic and foreign markets. The company is on the path  to become a leading tire and tube manufacturer in Southeast Asia.
To build its prestigious brand, generations of leaders and employees of the company have made great efforts for many years. Casumina was founded in April 1976 after taking over some small tire producing workshops in Ho Chi Minh City and some southeastern provinces. However, not until 1997 did the company see a leap in development when it made a joint-venture with Japanese Kokohama and Mitsubishi to manufacture motorcycle and automobile tires and tubes.

Between 2000-2009, Casumina invested in a series of  advanced machines and high technology to manufacture products meeting Japanese standards which gradually carved a firm niche in the market.

Rubber used for manufacturing tires and inner tubes at
the Southern Rubber Industry Joint-stock Company. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Checking the rubber before putting it into moulds.  Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

The company’s synchronous and self-contained production line.  Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Cloth used in producing tires. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Operating the motorbike tire production line.  Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

The company now owns four factories of  synchronous, modern and self-contained production lines imported from G7 countries with a capacity of nearly 50 million products/year. It provides stable jobs for about 3,000 employees. In April 2014, Casumina opened a radial tire factory with a designed capacity of 1 million products/year  which is listed among the largest and most modern in the world.  Their type of radial tires has many advantages, such as a high ability of gripping the road, longevity and safer because cars can run at a high speed without having a flat or suddenly being punctured. The production of radial tires has proven the company’s competence in proactively catching up with advanced technology worldwide.

Casumina is the only company in Vietnam on the list of the world’s 75 tire manufacturers with diverse  products, such as bias, radial, tubeless-Euromina and Casumina gold, meeting the different demands of customers.

In the domestic market, Casumina has a system of more than 200 distributors in all provinces.  Its automobile tires account for 30%, motorcycle tubes account for 50% and bicycle tires and tubes account for 45% of the market shares.

The company’s products have been exported to 18 countries and territories, such as Taiwan, Japan, the US, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. Two high-class products – Euromina for scooters and Casumina radial tires rank first in export revenue.

Talking about the company’s success, Pham Hong Phu, CEO and General Director of Casumina, said: “Casumina is capable of catching up with others in the world thanks to its highly qualified workers and skilled technicians who have made joint efforts to build the trademark for the company.

Euromina brand tires for scooters are exported to many countries. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Casumina has a system of more than 200 agents, level 1. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Casumina is one of Southeast Asia’s top tire manufacturers and is listed among
the world’s 75 leading tire manufactures. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Casumina’s products are packaged before delivery. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

Customers are satisfied with Casumina’s quality. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

With high-tech products, Casumina is expanding its market in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and spreading to developed markets such as North America and Europe.
Story: Nguyen Oanh - Photos: Dang Kim Phuong