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Ba Vi Hill Chickens

The district of Ba Vi is an area of many hills which is very suitable for raising animals. In recent years, the locals have focused on developing a model of raising hill chickens that brings high profits. 
Hill chickens are now a favourite in the market because of its firm and delicious meat. To meet the increasing demand for this variety of chicken, the locals in Ba Vi have invested in developing the model of raising hill chickens. According to Tran Dinh Thanh, Chairman of Ba Vi Hill Chicken Raising and Consuming Association, the chickens are raised mainly on hills covered by trees. Their feed consists of different cereals, such as ground corn and soya beans, which are mixed with other ingredients. Chickens can eat on the hills, such as insects or worms. Therefore, the chicken meat is firm and delicious.

To support the locals to further develop the model, the Hanoi Husbandry Development Centre annually organises training courses on transferring techniques on raising chickens, meeting VietGap standards. The locals are provided with the knowledge and skills on selecting suitable breeds, making feed, cleaning facilities and methods to prevent chickens from getting diseases.

A farm specialises in providing small chickens to farmers in the district.

Newly-hatched chicks in a household in Ba Vi..

The model of hatching chicks gives a high income to farmers in Ba Vi.

It is very important to select the best variety of chicken for raising.

One-month old chickens are raised carefully in a separated area.

Ba Vi now ranks first in the city in husbandry development, including hill chicken raising in the communes of Cam Linh, Thuy An, Ba Trai and Cam Thuong. In 2015, the district’s total number of chickens reached 3.2 million. Each household raises an average of 100-200 commercial chickens which are mainly consumed in Hanoi and neighbouring provinces with a price of 80,000-110,000VND/kg. During Tet, the price can increase to 120,000-140,000VND/kg.

With a target to create a prestigious brand in the husbandry section, the district established Ba Vi Hill Chicken Raising and Consuming Association in 2004 which consists 60 members in major raising areas, such as Thuy An and Cam Linh. The association has helped households solve difficulties while raising the birds and given support in techniques. The association has organised trips for farmers to learn other effective animal raising models in the provinces of Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho and Bac Giang and signed product contracts with partners in Hanoi.

Chickens are vaccinated before being put on the hills.

The family of Tran Dinh Thuy raises chickens on hills covered by trees.

The feed providing system is installed on hills.

Raising chickens on hills helps increase the quality of chicken meat.

In the future, the association will focus on popularising and improving the farmers’ awareness of the importance of developing a consumer and supply chain, thereby ensuring the quality of products and successfully creating the brand of Ba Vi hill chickens.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son