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Amateur Coach Nurtures Potential Female Footballers

For the past 20 years, 68-year-old Duong Khac Kiem has worked as an un-paid coach for the female football team of Nghiem Xuyen Commune (Thuong Tin, Hanoi). With rudimentary lessons taught by Kiem, several talented women have become  promising footballers of Hanoi’s team or the national team. They include Nguyen Thi Ly, Nguyen Thanh Huong, Do Thu Trang, Pham Thu Trang and Pham Hai Yen.
After ending his service in the army, Duong Khac Kiem came back home and served as deputy head of the office for sports of Nghiem Xuyen Commune. At that time, a sport competition was being planned and he was in charge of organising and deciding which sports to include in the competition. Kiem thought of female football right away.

After that, two female football teams named Thanh Xuan and Tuoi Tre were formed with 30 women aged from 13 to 20 to compete in the competition.

At 2.30pm everyday, Duong Khac Kiem cycles to the village’s football field to train the village’s female teams.

He comes early and prepares tools for practicing.

He comes early and prepares tools for practicing.

Kiem gives brief guidance before practice.

Newcomers to the team are trained separately with rudimentary lessons.

After trainees get used to practice, they start to learn difficult techniques. 

With the encouragement and guidance of Kiem, the female football teams of Nghiem Xuyen Commune
has developed and contributed many talented footballers to Hanoi’s team and the national team.

Nghiem Xuyen girls practice with the ball.

Kiem always carefully monitors and directs the female players to avoid unnecessary injures.

After being trained by Kiem, Ta Phuong Thuy can perform skillful scoring techniques. 

Kiem also pays attention to finding potential goalkeepers for separate training.

The smile of the coach and players of the female football teams in Nghiem Xuyen village.

Recalling the early days of the football teams, Kiem said: “20 years ago, many villagers suffered from hunger and all they thought of earning money for food, not playing sports, especially football. I had to go to each girl’s house to encourage her to join. Finally, two female football teams were established after two years.”

From then on, Kiem has worked as an unpaid coach. The image of an elderly man with a small stature, white hair and tanned skin practicing football with young girls is no longer strange for Nghiem Xa villagers.

After nearly 20 years, Kiem has trained close to 300 players, some of whom are mothers and daughters. He showed us the list and pictures of members of the village’s female football teams, including those who are promising footballers of Hanoi’s team or the national team.

By Khanh Long