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A Japanese friend of Vietnamese children

Artist Nagano Hideko is loved by Vietnamese children for her interesting picture books and her talks full of laughter.
Nagano Hideko is a famous author of children’s picture books in Japan. Her works are simple, but also stimulate a child’s ability to observe and explore through detailed illustrations. Hideko’s picture books include "Taiko fish goes to the department store", "The day mom becomes mom", and "Cat does exercises".

Hideko has recently come to Vietnam to introduce her books with a desire to inspire a love for picture books in Vietnamese children.

During her stay, she met with Vietnamese readers and talked about how a picture book is created, from creating the topic, developing ideas to make up the story, to illustrating the book with pictures.

Nagano Hideko is a famous author of children’s picture books in Japan.

The Japanese artist teaches children how to create the lazy goldfish in her book “Taiko fish”.

The children draw Taiko fish.

They are instructed by the Japanese artist on how to create cute animals.

Taiko fish created by a child.

“Taiko fish goes to the department store” and “Pull, Pull” by Hideko are published in Vietnam.

Hideko poses with Vietnamese children.
Her talks attracted a lot of Vietnamese children who joined the Japanese artist in playing games and learned from her how to create paper animals which are the characters in her books.

Her book "Taiko fish goes to the department store" interests the children with lively illustrations of the fish doing different activities. The images of a fish wearing a hat, carrying a handbag and going to shops in a department store help the children learn about life in a simple way.

“To encourage children to read books, we should create an environment for them to understand the value of books. We should have a balance between playing games and reading books and make children feel that reading books can be a leisure time activity," Hideko said. “I hope to help children develop their imaginations from what they have learned from my books. This will give them certain knowledge about life and help them use critical thinking about social issues when they grow up.”

Vietnamese children’s creative works.

Taiko fish created by Vietnamese children.

Japanese picture books which teach life skills attract Vietnamese children.

At the age of 78, Hideko still works hard and creates new books for children. She is the chairwoman of Kamishibai Cultural Development Society. In 2018, she received the Kurushima Takehiko Culture Prize.

Hideko’s picture book “Parents” - Sekifusha Publishing House, won the Ehon Nihon-Sho Monbudaijin-sho Prize. Her “The day mom becomes mom” won the Sankey Prize while "Taiko fish goes to the department store” also won the Nihon-Ehon-Sho Prize.
Story: Bich Van - Photos: Cong Dat